Malakite of Judgment (Dominic)

Angel of Mercy

Created by: "Leathal Weapon" <938269@wrpc.riv.csu.edu.au>

Forces: 18

CORPOREAL 6 (Strength 12, Agility 12)
ETHEREAL 6 (Intelligence 12, Precision 12)
CELESTIAL 6 (Will 12, Perception 12)

Rahmiel is a Malakim of contradictions. Created by his master, Dominic, in the early years of the Spanish Inquisition, Rahmiel was an avenging angel, answering claims of heresy swiftly and brutally. Without trial or proof, Rahmiel would wade into any possible report of dissent and slaughter the 'guilty'. Somewhere, something inside Rahmiel snapped. He had been created to deliver justice, and his grip on reality had slipped. At the height of the Inquisition Rahmiel was recalled to Heaven but refused, enjoying his work too much. He had been rapidly gathering Discord into his soul for his unjust punishments, and was becoming VERY close to being the first Malakim to Fall.

In the early hours of an autumn morning, a squad of Dominic's Malakim descended upon Rahmiel. The fighting was brutal, with three of the warrior Angels losing their Corporeal bodies, but they completed their quest, destroying the Corporeal form of Rahmiel and chaining his soul before disappearing back into Heaven. Rahmiel appeared beside his Heart, stained black with his deeds, prepared to fight, when the full force of Dominic grabbed him, dragging him before Dominic's servants, preparing to deliver to the assembled ranks an object lesson on disobeying the Archangel of Judgement. In Dominic's celestial hands appeared cruel weapons of torture, extensions of Dominic's will. As the Archangel raised his hands to strike, to dissolve Rahmiel's Forces back into the Symphony, a gentle yet unbreakable grip settled on Dominic's shoulder.

Turning to see who would dare interrupt his Judgement, Dominic and his followers saw a man with a gentle face full of love, appearing for all the world to be a simple human. No one could deny who stood before them though, His power radiating like the heart of the sun. God gently took the weapons from Dominic's hands, and spoke to the Archangel in tones so soft no one but Dominic and Rahmiel could hear. He told Dominic that if he created Angels to deliver swift and brutal Judgement, then some would become zealous in their purpose. But if Dominic created Angels to deliver Justice and offer redemption to those who sought it, then no one would know the Grace of God better than they. To this end God took Rahmiel from Dominic, remoulding his purpose, stripping away his Discord and hatred and replacing them with love and Mercy. God then returned Rahmiel to Dominic, as an example of what could be achieved.

In addition to the standard oaths that all Malakim make, Rahmiel made the following on his day of rebirth:

With these oaths and with his newly appointed Word of Mercy, Rahmiel is often torn between which path to follow. As a Malakim, he will not suffer an evil to live, but if a Demon asks for mercy or forgiveness he is obliged to offer them. This does not mean that he will simply let them go, he usually forces them to return with him to Heaven to allow a chance at redemption. Rahmiel retains his impressive fighting abilities of his earlier purpose, but doesn't use them as often today. At heart he is still a Malakite, and will brutally deliver the truly evil back to the Symphony.

He has a rather distant relationship with his master, Dominic, who still views God's intervention as a personal reprimand. Although Dominic is fanatically loyal to God and tries to follow His plan to the best of his ability, he still bears a grudge against Rahmiel for the past. Despite this he is often the first to admit that Rahmiel is effective in his methods, and is actually strengthening Dominic's cause. Dominic also resents Rahmiel for insubordination, for the Angel of Mercy will often actually publicly argue with Dominic about the value of Mercy, and of offering it to the guilty to help them repent.

Most other Malakim who have heard of Rahmiel are wary of him, yet those who have actually met him and talked to him agree that his cause has merits (it must have, they reason, it was assigned by God Himself). Rahmiel also has a small but growing following within the ranks of Dominic's servants, another cause of friction between the two.

Rahmiel is a very powerful NPC. He is technically one step below Archangel status, and Dominic is worried what his servant's reaction will be to his former master if he achieves such status. Rahmiel is simply continuing to spread his influence over the world, and trying to sway Dominic's servants to his view (without limiting the Word of Judgment). No one is sure if God intends to make Rahmiel an Archangel or not, and He isn't saying anything on the issue. Rahmiel sees himself as a guide to other Malakim on how to balance their aggression. If the (Angel) PCs are unnecessarily cruel, he will often appear to talk to them about the error of their ways. He should be used sparingly, however, or the PCs will grow accustomed to his appearance.

For game purposes, assume that Rahmiel knows all skills and songs (all forms) at level 6. His Vessel will also be level 6, and who knows how many servants he has wandering the Earth?

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