Set Over Those Who Rise

Malakite of the Sword (Laurence)

(Created by: (Andrew Getting))

Forces: 17

Corporeal: 6 (Strength 12, Agility 12)
Etheral: 5 (Int: 8, Pre:12)
Celestial: 6 (Will 12, Perception 12)


Form (All)/4, Healing (All)/6, Light (Corporeal, Celestial)/3, Movement (All)/4, Projection (All)/6, Shields (All)/5, Thunder/4, Tongues(All)/4 Numinous Corpus: Claws/5, Feet/4, Horns/3, Wings/6


Acrobatics/5, Climbing/3, Detect Lies/5, Dodge/4, Fighting/6, Large Weapon/6, Medicine/6, Running/5, Small Weapon/6, Tactics/4, Throwing/6, Tracking/6


All Applicable Choir Attunements of Laurence, Blade Blessing of Laurence, Hunt, Master of the Armies of God, Malakim of Fire, Malakim of War, Malakim of Destiny, Angel of the Arisen

Special Rites:

By overseeing an induction of a truly worthy mortal into the Legion of the Dead, Remiel gains 1 Essence.
His followers gain Essence for destroying Undead: 1 for Zombi, 2 for vampires or mummies.

Once renowned for his beauty, Remiel is now crisscrossed with scars from his many battles against the Infernal forces (as well as the occasional Divine attack). As cold to emotion as any in the Elohim, Remiel is quite possibly the largest of the rare rifts between Laurence and Dominic, for Laurence has granted Remiel the ability to create Undead in the name of Heaven. Countless times, Dominic has accused Remiel of heresy, but each time Remiel has emerged. He and his few followers must be unswaveringly loyal to Heaven, lest they be condemned for the most minor of infractions. Not surprisingly, Remiel's favored often find themselves fighting the Infernal Undead.

As Angel of the Arisen, Remiel can bind souls into their physical forms in such a way that the human survives death, much like the mummies. Unlike mummies, however, Remiel's Legion of Dead can be raised after death, and are never forced to become vampires or Zombi; the Attunement always succeeds if the subject is willing (otherwise, it fails and Remiel gains Dissonance). Unfortunately, a Legionnaire who dies has his or her soul dispersed throughout the universe upon death, as is the price for their power (scattered stories of Arisen who die willingly maintain this is not always true).

Remiel rarely chooses to create new undead these days; too often, in the past, the power has corrupted or good men have met hideous fates at the hands of Saminga's warriors. When he does deign to raise the dead, Remiel is just as likely to choose a musician unjustly killed as he is to use battle-hardened warriors. The Legion of the Dead are usually loyal to Remiel before Laurence, much to both angels' chagrin.

His followers, while unable to create Undead themselves, are usually informed of the presence of Legionnaires and are often granted artifacts to slay Infernal Undead.

Remiel's followers, though nominally of Laurence's ilk, are treated as Hostiles by followers of Dominic. Remiel's angels are expected to be Neutral towards Dominic, as Remiel has neither forgiven Dominic for the Archangel's attacks nor does he desire further ones. As Remiel is exceptionally choosey about his followers (at their height during World War II, their numbers were higher than any time since Christ's birth at five angels and forty Legionnaires). It is unlikely that any Angel of the Sword without a distinction will ever be considered by Remiel.

"Bonus Essence to the first person who can name the two most important comics I drew from to create Remiel." --Kestrel, who can do good guys, too

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