Mercurian of Creation (Eli)

The Angel of Style

Created by: Peter Frederick <peterf@geko.net.au>

Corpreal Forces 3

Str 5, Dex 7

Fighting 2, Song of Motion 5, Song of Tongues 3.

Ethereal Forces 4

Int 7, Prec 9

Artistry 5, Detect Lies 3, Emote 5, French 2, Japanese 2, Lying 3, Firearms (Pistols) 3, Savior-Faire 6, Song of Charm 3, Song of Tongues 3.

Celestial Forces 5

Will 8, Percp 12

Fast Talk 4, Seduction 4, Song of Form 4, Song of Tongues 3.

Attunements - Mercurian of Eli, Ofanim of Eli

Distinctions - Vassel of Flowers

Vessels -

Beautiful Blond Human Female - Level 3, Charisma 3, Body hits 30, Role - Olivia D'Mode - Fashion designer - Level 3, Status 4.
Large Persian Cat - Level 2, Charisma 2, Body Hits 25

"Chins up, confidence. Now, my Darlings, give it to me one more time, with flair."

Olivia is a servitor of Eli and bitter rival of the Demon of Fashion. Hers is the field of personal expressiveness and she has a special affinity with clothing and accessories. Not a major force, and not greatly concerned with becoming one, she spends large amounts of time on Earth putting individuals in touch with their clothing and lifestyle Destiny. "Darling, those tie-dyed flares -- they're you. Why, it's simply Divine."

Olivia gets along well with everyone, even though she is regarded poorly by both Dominic (who cannot _believe_ her frivolity and distrusts the amount of time she spends on Earth) and Yves (who is disturbed by her assertion that choice of fabrics can affect a person's Destiny). Olivia, however, doesn't hold this against them "Don't worry, Pet, it's just their way."

Dissonance -

taking the policy of Eli to heart, Olivia makes no extra demands on any who chose to be her servitors, "Be Yourselves, Darlings, be the best You that You can be."

Olivia can bestow two attunements on those who she feels are working to advance the cause of Style.

Smooth Operator -

By spending 1 Essence the User can override any social difficulties that their appearance, clothing or manner might normally cause by sheer force of individual personality and style. Ignore any reaction modifiers that might normally reduce the User's chance to make a good impression, and treat the User as if they had an appropriate Savoir Faire skill 3 levels higher than they do. The effect lasts for one social encounter upto 12 hours. Celestials and Soldiers may chose to make a Will Roll to throw off the effects of this attunement. This is also called "What Chicken Suit?" by some servitors of Style.

Just try this on for size -

With a Perception Roll a servitor of Style can see one minor change that a non Celestial could make to their life that will put them closer to their personal Style, and consequently closer to their Destiny. When first advised the target may chose to make a Will Roll to avoid making the change in their life, otherwise they will at least try it for a week. If the target takes the servitor's advice and adopts the change, they will feel a general rise in confidence and self esteem. This attunement can only be used once per month on any individual. Also, the changes are only minor and the recipient of the advice might later chose to revert to their old ways; i.e., this is not a sure fire way to get someone out of their Fate. "Hey buddy! Looking good, but have you considered a floral tie with that suit?"

Olivia has only one Rite, but it is double barrelled.
For 1 Essence - Spend 3 hours helping someone find that one item of clothing or household knicknack that will help them express their personality and individuality. If you find it, get 2 Essence. "When the going gets tough, the tough go Shopping."

[Oops, does that mean we need a servitor of Marc, The Angel of Shopping? <grinz>]

Chance to Summon

Any Servitor of Eli can attempt to summon Olivia, she's a party kinda girl. Base chance d6, reroll every day. If not a servitor of Style -2, minimum of 0.

+1 in a shopping mall.
+2 if you have a new or interesting piece of clothing or accessory for her.
+3 in a secondhand clothing shop.
+4 at a fashion show for new original designers.
+5 if the summoning character has recently adopted a new style element that genuinely expresses their personality.

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