[Incomprehensible to humans], aka Alo

Mercurian of Creation (Eli) in service to Animals (Jordi)

by Martin Leslie Leuschen (martinl@rice.edu)

"Judging from your comments on the list, you need a few more Mercurians of Eli.... ;)"

Forces: 9

Corp 3  str 5  agl 7
Eth  3  int 4  pre 8
Cel  3  wil 4  per 8

Vessel/1 (Ant Queen) Charisma3 (Workers only) (20 hits) [6cp]

Role: Ant queen (free)

Skills [15cp]

Art (Ant Mound Architecture)/6, Emote/6 (Level 3 free - this is the ants language), Genetic Engineering/6

Songs [5cp]

Form(Cel)/2, Healing(Corp)/1, Shields(cel)/1, Tongues(Cel)/1


Mercurian of Eli, Abracadabra

Alo has some interesting ideas about ants. Only Jordi, Eli, and a farmer's son in Kansas have any clue what these ideas are.

("Daddy! the ants took me down into their Cathedral underneath the cornfield and I met their beautiful queen! They're going to make the world a better place for all of us!"

"Yes son. Have you done your chores?")

Most others don't even know of Alo, and the few that do don't really care. (Boabriel: "Ants? There is no creature on the planet with a more boring social life!") Dominic would probably disapprove of what he was doing, if he had any clue what it was.

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