Mercurian Master of Stone (David)

Angel of Alcohol

Created by: Colin Fredericks <>

Perhaps this comes of living at college, but you eventually get infected by society's concentration on alcohol. Naturally, there are probably servitors of both Kobal, Malphas, and Haagenti out there who would hold words of Total Drunks, Drunken Violence, and Binge Drinking, if not actually having Alcohol as a word themselves. I realize that this is yet another angel who's had contact with Eli, which I'm starting to get sick of, but the ability to turn water into wine just fit so well that I had to put it in. Have fun with this dude.

Forces: 11

Corporeal Forces - 4    Strength      9    Agility     7
Ethereal Forces  - 3    Intelligence 7    Precision  5
Celestial Forces - 5    Will          11    Perception 9


Human Man/3 (Charisma +1), Human Woman/3 (Charisma +1), both in their early 20's. He also has two vessels which are senior citizens: a Man/1 and Woman/1. After all, wine and conjac get better with age.


Healing (Corporeal/3, Ethereal/6), Charm (Etherial/5, Celestial/4), Tongues(Corp/4)


Chemistry/4, Computer Operation/1, Brawl/6, Emote/6, Languages (English/3, French/3, German/3), Medicine/2, Savoir-Faire/4, Singing/1


Mercurian of Stone, Transubstantiation, Ofanite of Stone, Deep Gaze

Special Rites:

Barimen is an old angel, and he hasn't changed all that much in his thousands of years. Traditions involving alcohol change very little, and Barimen is after all Word-bound. His power isn't as great as it might be, because of all the other angels and demons borrowing pieces of his Word. As a result of slighly overlaping Words, Barimen does sometimes fall into the worse aspects of drinking. He's not someone to be around if you expect someone to be perfectly stable at all times. He is, however, a very trustworthy person. He is always glad to listen or lend advice. It's just that rarely (roll d666 every day against his Will), he goes a bit off the deep end. The check digit would determine how far he goes - a 1 would make him tipsy, a 6 would put him under or get him very violent.

With all the parties he's put on and been to, some people consider his contact with Eli to have been inevitable. In fact, it wasn't at a party that they met, but over the grave of Raphael. Barimen was lamenting the lack of a good bottle of wine to pour on Raphael's grave, and Eli had just the remedy. David didn't complain - that particular ability just made his servitor more able to bring humans together.

Barimen has the tendency to be a ubiquitous presence, always showing up when you most or least expect him. His best friends are a Tabitha, the Angel of Vineyards (a servitor of Novalis), Bruce, Angel of Microbrews (a servitor of Eli under Barimen's own supervision), and Deneg, a Soldier of Marc (an angel cannot live on booze alone). Barimen is generally on bad terms with more serious-minded angels, but Dominic has no problems with him: Barimen's Word itself keeps him in line. Even if he has an off day, he'll be back to his angelic self after the hangover. Dom still keeps a Soldier watching Barimen most days, out of suspicious habit.

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