Boabriel ("Bob")

Mercurian of Creation (Eli)

by Martin Leslie Leuschen (

"Judging from your comments on the list, you need a few more Mercurians of Eli.... ;)"

Forces: 9

Corp 1  str  2  agl  2
Eth  2  int  3  pre  5
Cel  6  wil 12  per 12

Vessel/1 Charisma3 (4 hits) [9cp]

Role/3: Starving, yet `hip' Artist (Status 2) [3cp]

Skills (All based on Will or Perc, except Sav-Faire) [13cp]

Art (Painting)/1 , Detect lies/1, Emote/1, Fast-talk/1, Lying/1, Seduction/1, Poetry/1, Savoir Faire/2, Singing/1, Survival (High Society/1, Low Society/1), Tracking(shadowing)/1

Songs (All Celestial) [11cp]

Attraction/1, Charm/2, Form/1, Healing/1, Motion/2, Posession/2, Shields/1, Tongues/1

Attunements: Mercurian of Eli

Bob fits in perfectly with the starving artist community in the major city where he lives, as well as having numerous connections amongst the groups associated with it. In fact, Bob seems to fit in almost anywhere. (Charisma 3, most social skills at 13 (SF at 7), plus his attunement with Perc of 12.)

He's more of a watcher and a guide than a protector, however. If he notices Demonic activity he'll call in some Malakim friends to dish out the `Flying Greeting Cards of Death'.

Recently, Bob has started to take a more serious interest in his art. Although he is undoubtedly more skilled than many of the humans he associates with. (Again, Art, Poetry and Singing at 13, default skill in most other arts is 10), he is beginning to notice something lacking in his works compared to theirs...

[Yes, Bob is a social Munchkin - but he's a *fun* social Munchkin. Really.]

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