Mercurian of Creation (Eli) in service to Flowers (Novalis)

Angel of Sexuality

By Kim Foster (nexus@uky.campus.mci.net)

Corporeal: 3  Strength:     5  Agility:     8
Ethereal:  4  Intelligence: 9  Precision:   8
Celestial: 4  Will:         8  Perception: 10


  Vessel/3 (Human Female)
  Vessel/2 (Human male)
  Role/5 (Psychologist)
  Charisma +2


Attraction (Ethereal)/5, Forms (Corporeal)/3, Shields (Celestial)/4, Tongues (Corporeal)/3, Dreams (All)/3


Dodge/2, Emote/3, Detect Lies/3, Seduction/3

Special Rites:

Bring someone sexual pleasure
Aid a human in exploring/learning a more postive sexual outlook(+2)

Background: An Impudite of Lust, Drew found herself swiftly caught in a dilemma. She loved service on Earth. Its pleasures were broad and varied and humans made such wonderful toys. That was her problem. She found herself growing more and more close to them. Her natural amusement with them growing into a genuine affection for them. Seductions became love affairs, manipulations changed into genuine friendships. And Drew suffered. Swiftly racking up Dissonance, she suffered it to keep her mortal friends and continued the cycle.

Wracked by Discord and on the run from her former Prince, Drew was on the edge of oblivion when Eli found her. Taking pity on the Demon, he offered her another chance. She had a great deal to offer as for as the workings of many of Andrephealus' plots and seemed to genuinely want to redeem herself. So Drew was reborn. Assigned to the Angel of Flowers, she worked hard to prove herself worthy, mainly in cleaning up the messes she had made as a Demon. In doing this she saw that, conversely, much of the power of Lust came from shame about some perfectly natural drives. Repressed desires festered and became twisted, or easier to pervert over time. Drew sought the Word of Sexuality, wanting to help promote a healthier outlook among humans. It was a long open Word and had no others seeking it so the Mercurian received it.

Now Drew works primarily on Earth again as a psychologist and sex therapist. Her position allows her to find those most needing her aid and also root out the working of Lust Servitors. She's become good at undoing their work and repairing the human wrecks they tend to leave behind. This, on top of her defection, makes Andre quite unhappy and he would gladly use her to demonstrate the erotic potential of impalement. Drew's methods and ideology raise a few eyebrows among the more conservative members of Host as well but she doesn't let this get to her much.

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