Mercurian of Creation (Eli)

Angel of Music

Created by: Hatcher Rhanyr <>

Forces: 14

Coporeal Forces:  4  Str   6   Agi  10
Ethereal Forces:  4  Int   8   Pre   8               
Celestial Forces: 6  Wil  12   Per  12


Attraction (Ethereal/5), Attraction (Celestial/3), Charm (Celestial/4), Harmony (Ethereal/5), Healing (Corporeal-Ethereal/3), Healing (Celestial/4), Sleep (Ethereal/4)


Artistry/6, Emote/6, Knowledge (All Musical Instruments)/6, Singing/6


A silver harp that causes all that hear it too be enthralled by its music (Treat as Ethereal Song of Charm/6, affecting Precicision)


Mercurian of Eli, Abracadabra, Transubstantiation.

Special Rites:

Erikel gains an additional point of essence if she sleeps in a choir or orchestral perapit.

Erikel is an enchanting angel, befriending almost everyone she meets. Most of the time she takes the form of a beautiful young woman with long blonde hair but she has been known to take other forms as well. The Angel of Music holds her word very dear to her. She became the Angel of Music many ages ago when she was granted the oportunity by Yves to give the knowledge of music to humankind. Since then though she has had some difficulty with the way mankind had twisted and perverted her beautiful word. Sometimes sullen because of this, most of today's music she simply refers to as "human noise". As far as today's standards go though, she really only abhors one genre of music,"Gangster Rap".

Erikel has been fighting a battle with the Demon of Music for ages. While she tries to promote the finer things of mortal life (love, fulfillment, joy, etc) the Demon of Music is mostly resposible for the corruption of music. He fills human composers heads full of ideas about killing, drug use, sex, and all the horrors that plague mankind. She shows no mercy when dealing with the minions of the Demon of Music.

Lately some of the Celestial Hierarchy have been concerned with Erikel's almost violent reaction to the Demon of Music's minions. In Erikel's own words: "The plague that sweeps across music, in the form of men like Curt Kobain and Tupac Shakir, needs to be eliminated from the corporeal world."

"Angel of Music, guide and guardian, share with me your glory"
------------------------Phantom of the Opera-------------------------

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