Mercurian of Flowers (Novalis)

Angel of Drugs

Created by: Jesse <>

Forces: 14

Corporeal 4  Strength 6       Agility 10
Ethereal  5  Intelligence 8   Precision 12
Celestial 5  Will 10          Perception 10


Human/3, Role/3 (College Student)


Artisty/4, Chemistry/2, Detect Lies/4, Driving/2, Emote/2, Fighting/2, Knowledge (Drugs)/4, Savior-Faire/6, Seduction/3


Dreams: Corporeal/4, Celestial/4; Charm: Celestial/4.


Mercurian of Flowers, Angel of Drugs

Special Rites:

Special Attunement:


Background: Off and on there has been an angel of drugs since man first became agriculturally based. For the most part the angel was responsible for ensuring man had new medicinal drugs. Once man discovered the healing power of the bread mold the power of the Word of Drugs, and the angel who held that Word, jumped enormously. Once penicillin was developed the angel of Drugs was able to spread its influence into other realms. At that time Lucifer saw fit to eliminate the angel and sent Fleurity to kill the angel. Green is the successor of that angel.

Green was first an Impudite in the service to Fleurity. She does not often talk of her past as the demon of Psychedelics but it is well know that she was held in high regard by both Fleurity and Beleth before she defected. She was redeemed by Novalis who saw that Green's heart had really repented. Eagerly awaiting the chance to foil her old master, Green entered into service for the Archangel of Flowers. Once she had proved herself against Fluerity's thugs, Novalis pensioned the Seraph Council to bestow upon Green the Word of Drugs. The Council was hesitant to give anyone Drugs; they still remembered the fate of the last Angel of Drugs. Dominic, who still was unconvinced of Green's loyalty, supported Green's bid for the Word -- because Dominic figured that Green would either die or return to the Dark Side. If she Fell, it would be an embarrassment for Novalis which Dominic figured he could use to his advantage. If she died than Dominic would be relieved of watching her. With the Archangel of Judgement's support, Green soon had the Word of Drugs.

Green turned out to be more devoted and cunning than Dominic thought. Using a combination of Songs, Attunements and old relations, not to mention liberal uses of her Resonance, Green and a select few underlings went undercover and exposed hive after stinking hive of Fluerity's minnions. Much to Dominic's chagrin, Green gained great praise by the Seraph Council. Green gradually delegated much of the battle against Fleurity to various angels of Fire and Trade. She is a Mercuian after all; violence is not in her nature.

Today Green spends much of her time teaching mortals of the benefits of all drugs. She especially enjoys promoting a faster FDA and promoting the good effects of illegal drugs. In her ideally suited role as a college student Green enjoys spreading cannabis around for the purposes of enlightenment. She tries not to push anyone too far, but mistakes happen. Fortunately Dominic could not suggest any wrong doing on Green's part with out making a fool of himself in front of the Council.

Christopher hates all servants of Fleurity, even Redeemed ones.

Story Ideas:

1.) Fleurity may require any Demon PC's to take down his old lover. If Green dies that is good but Falling is much, much better. This would basically be a search and destroy mission ending in Green's death at the hands of the PC's. Fleurity would much prefer that she Fall though. This goal requires stealth, cunning and a good Savior-Faire rating. Detective work in opium dens. Fleurity awaits the capture of his prize.

2.) Perhaps Fleurity has seen to eliminate many of Green's old friends. Seeing no other option, these Demons want to Redeem. Are they all really true? Is that Balseraph using her Resonance when she says she wants to Redeem? And isn't this just a trap for Green? PC's will have to investigate.

3.) Dominic is really sick of Green. Your PC's are "suggested" by Dominic to dig up dirt on Green. What will your Seraph do when it comes down to telling the truth to the Seraph Council or obeying your Archangel? And if Green didn't do it, which one of her underlings did, or was she set up?

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