Julian ("Juliano")

Mercurian of Creation (Eli)

by Martin Leslie Leuschen (martinl@rice.edu)

"Judging from your comments on the list, you need a few more Mercurians of Eli.... ;)"

Forces: 9

Corp 2  str 5  agl  3
Eth  2  int 3  pre  5
Cel  5  wil 8  per 12

Vessel/1 (15 hits) [3cp]

Role/6: Master Chef (Status 4) [12cp]

Skills [8cp]

Art - Cooking/6, Detect lies/1, Savoir Faire/1, Teaching/3




Wok - Cooking/6 [Technically 12 cp more, but he made it with his attunement]


Mercurian of Eli, Transubstantianion

Juliano, Master Chef at a local cooking acadamy, has recently took a leave of absence from his job and joined the cooking staff of an important restaurant. He and the Lilim of Haagenti operating out of the same restaurant have been having a protracted duel through artistry ever since. Initially hostile, the duel has become more good natured these days, with both celestials taking advantage of the other's attunements and skills. (He made her a Wok identical to his own after she complained it was `Unfair'.) Although they continue to have philosphical differences, the two celestials are now good friends, a fact that Dominic or Asmodeus would love to find out....

Needless to say, if the players stumble across their restaurant (owned and operated by a clueless Mundane who's gained about 100lbs since this all started) they are in for a treat. (Two cooks with skill rolls of 24 can do that to you.)

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