Mercurian of Creation (Eli) serving Lighting (Jean)

Angel of Science Fiction

By: Tapio Erola <>

Forces: 14 (56)

Corporeal: 4  Ethereal: 5  Celestial: 5
Str: 6        Int: 12      Will: 10
Agi: 10       Pre: 8       Perc: 10


Motion/3 (Cel. SFX: TNG transporter effect), Attraction(Eth)/2, Dreams(Cel)/2, Tongues(Eth)/3, Charm(Cel)/3 ('You do not need to see his identification...'), Form(Corp)/2, Possession/3 (20)


Comp ops/1, Fighting/1(Karate), Electronics/2, Knowledge/4 (SciFi) Driving/1 (Car).


Seraphim of Eli, Mercurian of Eli (5)


Vessel/2 charisma/1 (Hits 16) (No role) (6)


Flaming Sword/3 (SFX:Lightsaber) (6), Bracelet/1 (Song of possession/3, Attuned to owner and nobody else. Big, multicolored gem.) (10)

Chance of Invocation: 2 (Always open for intelligent discussion)

Invocation Modifiers:

+1 Copy of Starlog, etc. Well read.
+2 Paperback copy of good SciFi Novel
+3 Hardback copy of Excellent SciFi novel, signed by author.
+4 A good mint-condition hardback series signed by author (Foundation trilogy, Dune trilogy, Lensman Series, etc.)
+5 In large SciFi Convention.
+6 Unpublished work of Excellent quality from Famous author.

Nirel was assigned her word 1890 and was there directly inspiring Jules Verne. She rapidly gained power in twenties and thirties, encouraging people to dream of progress and to do something about it.

Jean disliked her mode of operation, as he thought she was slipping heavenly secrets to mundanes before time. (Nirel doesn't see it this way. She just drives people to extrapolate and speculate, leaving humans to work it out themselves.)

Both Lawrence and Dominic had her pegged down as heretic and moved her name high on their blacklist. When Eli dropped out, however, he _assigned_ her to Jean, who curbed her activity severely for decades. This act, however, saved Nirel from brunt of inquisition.

She has always been a literary type, intensely (and mutually) despising Nybbas (Who encourages stupidity and illiteracy). She _has_ promoted some movies (ie. 2001) and TV series (Star Trek, etc.). However, there has been _serious_ fighting behind every script. Lately, however, Nybbas has been switching tactics and arranging for several big-budget 'Good' SciFi movies. This has resulted in flics like T2 and ID4. It is uncertain as yet how she will respond.

Her personality is open, optimistic and witty. A new kid in named block, she has operated enthusiastically to prove her commitment. She often quotes various works, using sometimes strange terms and even stranger expressions. Sometimes her humor borders kobalic and her friends have orders to correct her if it is getting dangerous for her soul.

She has no permanent role, moving in fandom and other circles. Her Corporeal Song of Form allows her to select various guises and various assumed names. She is little mischievous and often moves around in guises of several fictional characters. (Not in Conventions or _those_ circles!) Her favourites include:

You can probably continue the list ad infinitum.

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