Unnamed Ofanite Combat Monster

Created by: "Michael C. Nutt" <misha@bellsouth.net>

Forces: 9

Corporeal Forces -- 4

Strength -- 4, Agility -- 12

Ethereal Forces -- 2

Intelligence -- 4, Precision -- 4

Celestial Forces -- 3

Will -- 4, Perception -- 8


Ring of Protection/6 (12 pts) (ethereal artifact, with Dodge/6)
Dodge/6 (6 pts)
Acrobatics/6 (6 pts)
Corporeal Song of Form/6 (6 pts)
Large Weapon/6 (longsword) (6 pts)

Subject: I got your Combat Monster right *here*....

This probably *shouldn't* go on the Webpages, since I think it's a horrid munchkinistic effort, but I thought you might want to see it anyway. If those big, nasty Malakites are giving you trouble, just send *this* guy over to deal with them....

In HtH combat, this character has a *base* Dodge target number of 30 (12 Agility + Dodge/6 + Acrobatics/6 + Dodge/6 from the Ring), *plus* 1-6 from the check digit of the Dodge roll, *plus* 1-6 from the Ofanite resonance. He winds up subtracting 20-32 points of damage from any HtH hit, average of 27.

*Then*, he can subtract hits of damage equal to the amount of Essence he spends on the Song of Form for a period of 4*(1d6) minutes. If he happens to run across a Kevlar vest, say, he can subtract *another* 2 points of damage based on the Protection Value of the Kevlar armor, which *also* makes him a little harder to hit (-2 HtH, -4 vs. firearms).

If you figure he makes his resonance roll (8-, 72% chance), and spends 4 Essence on the Song of Form (average duration = 150 combat rounds), and you give him the Kevlar and a totally average roll on the two check digits for the Dodge and the resonance, he can subtract 33 points of damage from any HtH hit. He maxes out at *38* points of damage ignored! Barring Infernal Intervention, this guy's unstoppable in direct combat. He's limited to 1d6 +4 points of damage offensively... but he just can't get hurt. He'll peck you to death while you can't hit him. Even if he punts his die rolls, totally losing the resonance modifier, and only getting a 1 on the dodge check digit, he can still subtract 27 points of damage. Against a ranged attack, he subtracts a minimum of 20 points of damage.

This is a legal starting character, even. OK, I'd box one of my players' ears if he tried to *use* something this munchkinish... but sheesh! I think I've created Bugs Bunny, for real....

I'm frightened... I think this is Something The World Was Not Meant To Know! :)

Decadence is its own reward.

[As you can see, I both agree *and* think this is too good a character to leave in my mailbox... --arcangel]

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