Ofanite of War (Michael)

Created by: "Michael C. Nutt" <>

Corporeal Forces -- 4 (+10pts)

Strength -- 6, Agility -- 10

Ethereal Forces -- 3

Intelligence -- 5, Precision -- 7

Celestial Forces -- 3

Will -- 4, Perception -- 8

Body Hits = (Corp. Forces + Vessel Level) * Str = 36
Mind Hits = (Eth. Forces * Intelligence) = 15
Soul Hits = (Celestial Forces * Will) = 12


Vessel/2 (+6 points)
Role -- paramedic (Status 2, Level 2) (+2 points)


Dodge/6 ( +6 points), Ranged Weapon (pistol)/3 (+3 points), Small Weapon (knife/dagger)/3 (+3 points), Acrobatics/3 (+3 points), Driving/1 (+1 point), Medicine/1 (+1 point), Running/1 (+1 point)


Corporeal Song of Healing/3 (+3 points), Corporeal Song of Motion/3 (+3 points)

(note to GM : when coupled with the high Agility, high Dodge, Acrobatics skill, and the natural resonance of the Ofanim, this character will be tough to injure in HtH combat... she can Acrobatically Dodge automatically with a +7 to the check digit, and that's *before* adding the rolls for her Resonance and for Dodge check digits. This will, on average, subtract 14 points of damage from every attack that hits her in HtH combat... even more, if she can somehow come up with some sort of armor. Intervention... well, let's just not think about that <grin>.)

Character Background

Jessica is a fairly new celestial, having only been created by Michael around the turn of the 20th Century. Her specialty is in healing and minimizing the ravages of war to those in the Corporeal Plane. She endeavours to pass as quietly through this world as possible, mending the trail of "collateral damage" as best she can. She also believes in getting "up close and personal" with Diabolicals, in order to minimize the chances of scattering death and destruction all over the surrounding areas, and she's awfully good at it.

Her Role brings her to the scene of the action quite often... although for her tastes, it's far too often just a *little* too late. She's the reason her team of EMTs is always first on the scene, though... her driving on the way to a scene makes you glad there's medical gear close to hand already. She rarely, if ever, loses a patient once she's gotten to him in time. The Song of Healing can do wonders that way...

Personally... well, she's an Ofanite, what can we say? A tall, rangy frame, with short, bright red hair, and she's *constantly* in motion, either talking, pacing, or snapping gum, sometimes all at once. Disarmingly friendly, she'll keep your mind off the fact that she's almost downright annoying with her incessant side-chatter. She may change the subject of the conversation 10 times in five minutes, but she'll keep you interested. She always *cares*... but she's also got other places to be, and so she'll leave a patient with a smile, and a kind word, and move on.

This character was generated using the House Rules for John Karakesh's PBEM campaign... 42 character points instead of 36, and she was allowed to purchase an extra Force when designed.

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