Ofanite of Judgment (Dominic)

(Created by: "Paul F. Strack" <>)

Forces: 9

Corporeal Forces - 2 (Strength 4, Agility 4)
Ethereal Forces - 3 (Intelligence 7, Precision 5)
Celestial Forces - 4 (Will 7, Perception 9)


Human/3, Role/2 (Trucker, Status 2), Body 20


Attraction (Celestial/2), Charm (Corporeal/5, Celestial/3)


Drive/4, Detect Lies/3, Emote/2, Ranged Weapon (Pistol)/2


Truck (Talisman: Drive + 2)


Ofanim of Judgment

Madian is one of Dominic's wanderers, seeking dissonant angels where she may find them. Acting in her Role as a truck driver, she travels from place to place, looking for angels who have strayed from the path. Once she find one, she calls in one of the triads of Dominic to exam the situation in greater detail; Madian herself does not have the authority to act on her discoveries.

Madian's dearest wish is to be promoted to membership in a triad. Unfortunately, every triad must have both a Cherub and Seraph, and there are simply not enough openings for all the Servitors of Judgment. Madian does what she can to support her Superior's Word, but she often finds her life maddeningly lonely. She understandably has difficulty making friends, both because she moves so much and because the angels that she meets are paranoid she will find some error in them.

Madian sometimes finds it convenient to pose as a Servitor of Janus. Because of the amount of travelling she does, few angels question her on this. This disguise allows her to interact on a more personal basis with other angels, and learn more about their lives. When the deception is revealed, however, the wedge between Madian and other angels is made wider still.

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