Ofanite of Creation (Eli)
in Service to Flowers (Novalis)

Created by Doug Atkinson <douga@earlham.edu>

Corporeal: 3 (Strength 4; Agility 8) 20 Body
Ethereal: 2 (Intelligence 5; Perception 3) 10 Mind
Celestial: 4 (Will 7; Perception 9) 28 Soul


Human/2 Role/3 (Street Artist; Status 1) Charisma +3

Attunements & Distinctions:

Ofanim of Eli


Acrobatics/1; Artistry/2; Dodge/2; Fast-Talk/2; Running/1; Seduction/1; Singing/1


Charm (Celestial/1); Harmony (Corporeal/1 Ethereal/1 Celestial/1); Motion (Corporeal/1 Ethereal/1 Celestial/1)


"Zip Blades" (Rollerblades; Dodge/2)

Rachael (no last name; if she's asked she'll make something up) can be found on the streets of large cities, rollerblading, drawing chalk sketches on the sidewalk, making balloon animals, or playing the glass harmonica. Her general job is to brighten the lives of those who cross her path, but she's sometimes recruited as a courier.

She has no history to speak of. Rachael is a young angel, and has really done nothing of great import in her century or so of existence. (She hardly had a chance to serve Eli before he loaned her to Novalis.)

Rachael gives the impression of being hyperkinetic and spazzy even for an Ofanim. She does have great difficulty focussing on a task, but she isn't as spacy as she seems. There are two reasons she gives this impression; she's not highly experienced with humanity other than what she sees on the streets, so she sometimes has to puzzle it through. She isn't usually wrong about basic facts, though her reasoning may be unusual. Rachael also tends to brainstorm when conversing, verbalizing strange ideas and then discarding them.

Deep down, Rachael is well-matched with her Superiors. She's sweet, guileless, and incapable of harming a fly except in the direst situations. She hates to see anyone unhappy if she can do anything about it (although she's not well-suited to sitting and listening to peoples' problems). Rachael is great with kids, but is terrible for any job that requires serious attention and focus. If you hired her as a baby-sitter, the kids would love her, but the house would be a mess and the kids would never get to sleep. Don't let her drive, either.

(She is also likely to be crushed if attacked, which is why she has such a high Dodge; she runs from fights if she can't talk them out, or use her Songs to stop them. However, she will willingly sacrifice herself to protect a human.)

Rachael's vessel is a pretty twenty-something woman, short and somewhat skinny, with long, black hair and tan skin. She dresses in old jeans and tie-dyed T-shirts, and generally wears sunglasses and rollerblades.

She has no permanent residence, and very few belongings.

Notes for use in a campaign: In an angelic campaign, Rachael is the sort of character who makes good atmosphere, and can be handy to have around as a courier. (She is also a valid starting PC, but will be out of place in a combat-heavy campaign.)

In a demonic campaign, Rachael has "victim" written all over her...

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