Ofanite of Destiny (Yves)

By: "C. J. Hunter" (gangof1@utc.campus.mci.net)

Forces: 9

Corporeal: 3  Strength:     5  Agility:    7  Body Hits: 30 
Ethereal:  3  Intelligence: 6  Precision:  6  Mind Hits: 18 
Celestial: 3  Will:         5  Perception: 7  Soul Hits: 15

Vessel/3: Human--Jamie Reese  Role/4 (Status/1): Bicycle Messenger


Acrobatics/2, dodge/2, Driving/4: Bicycle, Fast Talk/2, Fighting/1, Area Knowledge/3: Chicago, Knowledge/4: Role (Bike Messenger), Ranged Weapon/1


Songs of Motion: Corporeal/3, Celestial/2


Bicycle/6, Lodestone (contains Corporeal Song of Attraction/4)


Ofanim of Destiny, Seraphim of Destiny, Ofanim of Trade, Divine Destiny


In his role as a Bicycle messenger, Rhys gets to carry a lot of important paperwork and packages--usually stuff that's too important to go by unsecured fax or e-mail. When it would interfere with infernal plotting, save someone from their fate or bring someone closer to their destiny, Rhys mis-routes a package. "It may not get where you send it, but it'll get where it needs to be..."

He cultivates a persona somewhere between Bobcat Goldthwaite and Reverend Jim from "Taxi," and his boss puts up with the occasional missed delivery because no one in town can make deliveries as fast as Jamie Reese. Nor do they work as many hours -- Rhys usually puts in a double shift every day, and spends his time off doing errands for celestial clients. It is these celestial errands that have gotten him the attunements and artifacts he has. In return for delivering evidence of an insider trading ring to the police, Marc granted him the attunement of an Ofanite of Trade. Yves is apparently pleased with Rhys, having granted him the Divine Destiny attunement. The Lodestone is a gift from an Elohite of Eli: Rhys usually uses it to keep track of wayward packages.

Rhys is not a combat monster. He is more useful as a wandering subplot, or convenient means to drop a McGuffin on the players. He is a little more powerful than a starting character, but it's all in attunements and artifacts he's racked up by doing favors. To bring him back down to beginning level, just drop the Lodestone, Bike/6, Ofanim of Trade and Divine Destiny.

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