Ofanite of Trade (Marc)

(Created by: "C. J. Hunter" <>)

one celestial, inspired by the Saint, albeit loosely:

Forces: 9

Corporal/3   Strength/5      Agility/7     Body/25
Ethereal/3   Intelligence/5  Precision/7   Mind/15
Celestial/3  Will/5          Perception/7  Soul/15

Vessel/2 (Human)


Climbing/1, Computer Operations/1, Detect Lies/1, Dodge/2, Driving/1 (Car), Electronics/2, Escape/2, Fast Talk/2, Fighting/2, Knowledge/1 (Chicago), Lockpicking/2, Lying/1, Move Silently/2, Ranged Weapon/1 (Pistol), Small Weapon/1 (Knife)


Song of Charm: Ethereal/1, Celestial/2
Song of Form: Ethereal/2, Celestial/2
Song of Shields: Celestial/1


Ofanim of Marc

Thierry works for Mr. Perkins (easy movie reference for bonus points), the seneschal for Marc's Tether in the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. During the day he is usually found running errands. At night, Mr. Perkins employs his skills as a burglar to remove and/or plant evidence to promote honesty in trade (For example, he might steal a firm's altered financial records to discreetly leave with the IRS), to keep tabs on the servants of Nybbas, and generally harry the forces of Hell.

Thierry uses no role in the symphony and changes the appearance of his vessel often. He also has an Ofanim's inability to sit still. Think of Simon Templar after six cups of coffee.

Thierry is a balanced beginning character ready to drop into a campaign (with a few adjustments). He's in my campaign as a sort of deux ex machina man, showing up where the PCs least expect to lend a hand if necessary.

(Simon "The Saint" Templar is a character in #1: a series of books by Leslie Charteris; #2: a series of TV episodes (available on video, if you know where to look), and #3: a movie, recent as of 4/25/1997. I am very fond of the

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