"Little helper of Judgment"

Reliever of Judgment (Dominic)

by Elizabeth "Archangel Beth" McCoy (arcangel@prismnet.com)

Forces: 6

Corporeal: 1   Strength      1   Agility     3
Ethereal:  2   Intelligence  4   Precision   4
Celestial: 3   Will          5   Perception  7

Mind Hits: 8, Soul Hits: 15


Cat/1 (Body Hits: 2), Bird/1 (Body Hits: 2)


Malakim of Judgment [5 points]

Skills & Songs

Acrobatics/1, Climbing/1, Detect Lies/2, Dodge/2, Move Silently/2.

Attraction (Celestial/2), Light (Celestial/2), Tongues (Celestial/1).

[As a messenger, and potential Cherub, Zoar has been able to obtain Songs that are atypical for relievers.]

Zoar is probably something of a rarity in the ranks of Judgment -- as a 3-Force reliever, with barely the sense of a butterfly, it decided that the most rule-bound of the Archangels was the Superior for it. (Most angels of Judgment were created by their stern Archangel. Zoar just happened along...)

It started with flittering around Dominic's Cathedral (the Celestial Tribunal, within the Council Spires), running errands, carrying messages, filing records... As it grew in Forces (and smarts), some of the angels started giving it more responsibilities -- having it come along when they went to question some Servitors of the Wind in Heaven, for instance, or check on some of those Creation people. Now, Zoar has been given a couple of vessels, and is waiting to be assigned to a task -- either something on its own, or as a familiar for another angel.

There's only one problem with this dedicated little reliever -- if it doesn't decide soon what it wants to be when it grows up, it's going to fledge as a Kyrio! It loves the idea of Truth, the beauty of it, the rightness of it -- and Zoar's Archangel is a Seraph, so what better form of flattery? Of course, there's a lot to be said for the dedication of Cherubim, too, without whom triads couldn't find those people who most need finding, right? And Malakim, oh, the honor and glory of the proud defenders of Heaven!

To the ends of deciding which of the most common triad-Choirs it wants to become, Zoar has acquired songs and skills that it hopes will give it a better feeling for what the Choirs must be. It learned Detect Lies, the Celestial Song of Attraction, and begged for (and got) the Malakim of Judgment attunement. It still hasn't been able to decide.

Zoar is a very naive little creature in many ways. It doesn't yet understand that Judgment is about the most universally disliked group in Heaven, and that triads are always poking their noses in where they're not wanted. Zoar's never met real hostility yet...

Ironically, if Zoar can hang onto its delusions about the beauty of Truth, it will probably choose the Seraph path (and then it'll get a real education!). If it realizes how much grief it's going to get as a Servitor of Judgment, it will probably go for Malakite -- the slightly-tragic nobility of Honor -- or possibly "just following orders" Cherub.

In other areas, it's picked up some skills to help it function as a scout (or spy) and messenger (Celestial Song of Tongues).

(One of its first assignments might be to be a familiar for someone who needs guidance... With the other angel's Superior's permission, of course! A tricky road to walk.)

How would your PCs feel to have a little parakeet (or pigeon, or whatever) fly into their faces and rant about how they are being led astray by the corporeal realm, committing heresy, and garnering dissonance? It's so righteous, so naive, so fearless... So small and fragile...

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