Seraph of Creation (Eli)
in service to Judgment (Dominic)

By Elizabeth "Archangel Beth" McCoy (

Forces: 11

Corporeal: 2  Strength      4  Agility    4
Ethereal:  5  Intelligence 11  Precision  9  Mind Hits: 55
Celestial: 4  Will          7  Perception 9  Soul Hits: 28


Human (male)/1, Charisma +1, Body Hits: 12
Bird/1, Body Hits: 12


Artistry (painting)/1 (TN: 10), Computer Operation/1 (TN: 12), Detect Lies/1 (TN: 10), Driving/0 (TN: 7), Emote/1 (TN: 10), Escape/0 (TN: 6), Fast-Talk/1 (TN: 8), Know. (Psychology)/1 (TN: 12), Ranged Weapon/0 (TN: 7), Savoir-Faire/1 (TN: 12), Seduction/2 (TN: 9), Singing/1 (TN: 10), Small Weapon/0 (TN: 7), Tactics/1 (TN: 12).


Harmony (Ethereal/3), Healing (Corporeal/1), Tongues (Corporeal/4), Wings/1.

Attunements & Discords

Seraph of Creation, Seraph of Judgment


Judgment Badge/1 (3 pts)

Even Judgment has a few of Eli's Servitors -- among other reasons, they're good "controls" for the rest of that disreputable lot. Constantly watched, these few Creationers provide a "baseline" by which to judge the behavior of others of their Archangel.

Araunah ("ark, song, joyful cry") is one of these -- he's also provided exemplary service, and is sent in when it's deemed an ordinary triad would be less than useful. He manages to touch bases with a *lot* of his fellow Creation-angels. He's found some who were going bad, too, and managed to pull most of those back from the edge of Falling. Needless to say, his method are unconventional -- creative, even. He plays "good cop" to the "tough cop" of every other triad-Seraph, much to the dismay of his fellows in the triad, and generally leaves the subjects of his inquisitiveness bemused and smiling. (And sometimes, if the subject was a fellow Creationer, smiling and satiated.) He's awful at combat, but that's not his job. He excels at psychology, more than many Elohim. Paired with one of the Powers, he's *scary*.

He doesn't have a Role, being one of the triad angels who is perpetually on the move -- his job is to come into a town, make the rounds asking annoying questions to find out if anyone's slipping, report back, get a new assignment (and rotate out at least one of his fellow triad-angels) and go on to the next town. Most of the time, he's dressed as a "Angel in Black," with the suit, tie, and sunglasses. (He keeps the sunglasses in his pocket, and acquires an assortment of not-quite-garish-but-pushing-it ties.) Occasionally, he's a simple sparrow.

He is, of course, constantly watched. At least two Cherubim of Judgment are attuned to him at any one time, and he's most often teamed up with a Malakite (to make sure *he* doesn't become dissonant!). Despite his very good track record, he doesn't receive many promotions. It took him years to acquire the Judgment Choir attunement, and people are still wondering if he managed to slip some celestial chocolate (a mellowing influence, according to Servitors of Flowers) into Dominic's coffee somehow. Where most Judgment Seraphim will merely use their boosted resonance, Araunah doesn't mind touching his subjects [+2 to check digit!] and asking them questions gently, but *intensely*. He's almost constantly "tuned in" to the Truth in the Symphony. [Most of the time, he's got an effective 13 target number for his resonance anyway; touching boosts that to a 15, or a +3 for the check digit.]

Despite the suspicion and observation, Araunah is cheerful and apparently dedicated. He happily bosses around his triads (who are rotated frequently, to minimize contamination), and doesn't give *his* interrogators much of a hard time when he reports in for questioning (which he does monthly, above and beyond Dominic's weekly visits).

As to the subject of Eli, Araunah's comment (usually prefaced with a sigh and a shrug) is, "I think Dominic's over-reacting, but I can understand why he's concerned. I'd like to know what the Boss is doing, too!" Needless to say, Araunah is one of the Creation-Servitors least likely to be able to get in touch with his Archangel unless it's *really* an emergency.

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