Seraph of Trade (Marc)

Angel of Truth-in-Advertising

From: (GR Cogman)

And as he attempted to stem the hordes of Nybbas, Marc thought he had found a way to plug their shameless lies. Which is why a seraph of his was appointed:

Cassiel, Angel of the Word of Truth-in-Advertising

Stats : Set them relevant to a tough Word-bound Seraph in your game. (I'm no good at stats)

Rites :


Poor Cassiel got his Word partway through the twentieth century, and has been fighting ever since. It's sheer torture for a Seraph in any case, having to continually expose himself to lies in order to uncover them. However, he is said to have founded, or been responsible for the founding of a number of watchdogging interests that keep a check on advertising.

Of late he's been getting a touch more extreme, and associating with followers of Jordi and Gabriel in order to take down some of the worse billboards.

He tends to use a middle-aged vessel with a permanently harried air to it, and be constantly rubbing his brows as though dealing with a headache. His reports to Marc are full, thick, and multi-appendiced.

PCs assigned to assist him will be given many companies to investigate. They may also be required to test some of the products themselves. "No, I don't think it's good for my hair." After all, the truth must be found, proven, established, reported...

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