Samual "Smilin' Sam Smith"

Seraph of Trade (Marc)

Created by: "Leathal Weapon" <>

CORPOREAL 2 (Strength 3, Agility 5)
ETHEREAL 3 (Intelligence 7, Precision 5)
CELESTIAL 4 (Will 8, Perception 8)


Human/2 (Charisma 2)


Car Salesman (Status 3, Level 3)


Car Yard Manager (Level 1)


Dodge/ 1, Computer Operations/ 2, Fast Talk/ 2


Celestial Song of Possession/ 2

Attunements and Distinctions

Seraphim of Marc, Elohim of Marc, Head of a PIN.

Samual is very different from just about any other Seraph you are likely to meet. Outgoing, friendly, concerned with people. Most other Seraphim accuse him of spending too much time on Earth and 'going native'. He has been conducting various Corporeal assignments for Marc since the early 1800s, but he doesn't think that matters. For the last 50 or so years he has been thoroughly enjoying his Role as a (new and used) car salesman. Any customer who comes to see "Smilin' Sam" (he never lets anyone call him by his adopted Smith for long) walks away happy with the car they wanted, paying exactly the price they intended, and knowing that everything Smilin' Sam told them about the car was God's own truth (he's still a Seraphim after all). The manager of the car yard believes that Sam's technique is ludicrous, but the customers keep coming back, asking for Sam. They will even come back later if Sam is not there, having been called away on other business. Although he dislikes Sam's method, he can't fault its effectiveness, so doesn't complain (not that he could do anything about it if he did). The manager is actually Samual's unknowing servant, although Samual prefers his salesman Role, and lets his servant manage the car yard. Samual arranges to have the servant's salary paid and receives (via mail) monthly reports.

Samual generally tries to maintain a low Celestial profile, but does actively report any Infernal activity he encounters. Marc's Malakim (and Angels of some other Archangels) appear to be semi-regular customers of the yard, so much so that the manager almost believes that Sam has criminal conections. It is an almost logical conclusion, with dark, apparently violent men and women appearing occassionally, having intense discussions with Sam, buying a car and following directions from the salesman. They always pay with cash, too.....

Samual doesn't love money, and any known Angel who comes to him who can't afford to pay for a car can still get one, as long as they agree to do a favour for Samual in the future. So far Samual has no way of binding these Angels to make sure they will keep up their end of the bargain, and is hoping that Marc will soon see fit to teach him how to write a Divine Contract. So far all Angels he has dealt with have been honest, especially with the threat of a squad of Marc's Malakim Debt Collectors appearing on their doorstep.

Having been around for a long time, Samual knows how to take care of himself, but tries to avoid violence if possible.

"So there you have it. Probably totally useless in most situations, but a chance for good roleplaying." --Leath.

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