Seraph Master of Judgement (Dominic)

Angel of the Holy Inquisition

Created by: Marco Lambert <>

["Here I have now a Angel, who loses ground as his Word is more and more shuned. Also he may be on the way to falling down. It is Torquemada, the Angel of the Holy Inquisition." --Marco]

Forces: 13; 3 corp , 5 each etheral and celestial
STR 6 , AGI 6 , INT 10 , PRE 10 , WIL 11 , PER 9

He has a Vessel/6 with the role of a superior of the dominicanians (Status/5) with some connections to the sanctum officium (Holy office... of inquisition) or now congregatio fidei (congregatio of the believe). He has three levels charisma of a respect-commanding nature. He is a skinny and large old man with some hawkish features and piercing eyes. Think of Peter Cushing (Played Grand Moff Tarkin in Star Wars !)


Medicine/4 (helping after the confession, or knowing what a body will take) , Torture/6 , Psychology/6, Detect Lies/6 , Intimidation/5 , Singing/3 (monastic choirs are so beautiful) , Emote/3 (just to suppress feelings to be seen) , Knowledge/5 (regarding everything to know about church law, exorcism , heretics and so on)


Charm(eth)/2 , (cel)/5 , Healing(cor)/3 , (eth)/2 (both to help the victims after the exorcism) , Tongues(cor)/4 , (eth)/3 , (cel)/2


Unfeeling/5 (does not care about the pain and suffering of mere mortals as long he believes them guilty) , Zealous/2 (does not ask himself about the rightness of his actions, is very obedient following commands from a superior)

Attunements & Distinctions

Incarnate Law , Heavenly Judgement , Seraphim of Judgement , Ofanim of Judgement , Elohim of Judgement. He is Vassal of Conscience , Friend of Judgement , Master of Law

He created also the following attunement:


The suspected Celestial has to be enchained so that he cannot move. Then some kind of force has to be used. Now a contest of Will is rolled with some modifiers, noted below. The difference how the roll was made is added to the check digit and the higher Sum of CD and difference wins. If the inquisitor wins the captured celestial has to leave immediately the vessel and is prohibited to enter it ever again. If the victim wins he can never again be exorcised by this inquisitor.

Bonuses for the inquisitor: Check digit of a torture role OR halve the CD (round up) of a intimidation role , bonuses for tacking extra time

Bonuses for both: +2 for every point of essence spent

Bonuses for the victim: +3 if he is from the same side ( two angels or two demons) , +1 for each of the Shield songs you know

Problems: this attunement works on both kinds of celestials and can be learned by humans and demons; today it is very difficult to perform this attunement whithout some mundane problems as police, disturbed neighbours, curious children, tabloid journalists and so on.

Also you get the eternal enimity of Sunya, Archangel of Compassion, if you use it too much (GM's ruling). Some Dissonance also is possible.

DISCLAIMER: I by no way see any of the inquisitory actions as good. They were crimes against people with a different believe. But in IN there is a holy war going on and maybe that justifies even some torture.


Torquemada started early to work as a Seraphim of Dominic. He, like his master, become fond of christianity from the early years on. Soon they both realized that heretics could be a real danger to the, on these days omnipotent, Roman Church. To counter this danger, they invented the inquisition and founded the monastic order of the Dominicanians (often called "domini canes" or dogs of the Lord). Right from the beginning, Torquemada asissted the inquisitors and recruited Soldiers out of them, mostly from the priests and monks.

He especially was eager to root out the demonic Forces in between of the believers and he suspected possesions everywhere. He therefore created an attunement for his word, which he gave also to trusted soldiers. It allows to exorcise demon out of human bodies by a little use of force and pain. In later years other angels asked him how he could allow torture.

He answered that, in that time, torture was a legal form of survey used by any other mundane court. He admits that the practice of torture did a little bit get out of control after not only the soldiers. but nearly every inquisitor started to use it. But most of them were sincere follower of the church and not some lunatic sadists, which the propaganda of the other side want to point out.

But what with the dissonance of the follower of Dominic to be just? Well, why do you think they call them the seven DEADLY sins? In his opinion every mortal, responsible for doings which he does not sincerely regret and does penance for, has to be punished by the full strength of the law. So the death is fully acceptable for these sinners. He also admits that in the modern days he works more with psychology than with the torture but not because of insight but because of necessity.

But nevertheless, as the church and more so, the inquisition, loses ground, so does Torquemada and his view of the world. With time passing by, his Word lost influence in mortals and status in heaven. Over the years he collected some discord and at the moment he is in a very critical position. If he wants not to fall out of grace, he has to do some work with himself and his word. If not ....

Dominic does not allow the corruption of any angel remaining, even in his long time friend and trusted servant.

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