Balseraph Knight of Greed (Mammon)

Demon of The Books

(Created by: Neel Krishnaswami <neelk@MIT.EDU>)

"It's not really stealing, you know. All we're doing is moving a few zeroes around -- and we could all use some extra zeroes in the old checking account, right?"

Forces: 12

Corporeal Forces 3 -- Strength 5     Agility 7
Ethereal Forces  4 -- Intelligence 6 Precision 10
Celestial Forces 5 -- Perception 8   Will 12


Human Male/2, Charisma +1 (Oily charm), Role/4 Status/4 (Armani-wearing businessman)


Detect Lies/3, Dodge/4, Fast-Talk/6, Knowledge(Accounting)/6 Ranged Weapon/3


Form(Ethereal)/4, Form(Celestial)/4, Healing(Corporeal)/4, Tongues(Corporeal)/4


Art of the Deal, Cooking the Books (see below), Balseraph of Greed

Special Rite:

Convince a human to manipulate financial records for personal gain: +1 (+3 if the human runs away to Brazil afterwards!)


Aram, Demon of The Books, was once one of Mammon's secretaries in Hell. When one of his fellows leaked news of his embezzling from Hell's payroll to Asmodeus, Aram did not hesitate. He blew his entire stash to buy a favor from Lilith herself, and when Asmodeus's inquisitors arrived, all the records showed that the whistle-blower was the guilty party.

Mammon, vastly amused by his underling's ingenuity, granted Aram the word of The Books -- and banished him to Earth, where he could no longer steal from his master.

Truth be told, he rather prefers the Earth to Hell. Embezzlement is much easier when most people are honest, and the luxuries here are less double-edged. The only downside is that his activities tend to draw the attention of pesky human investigators and annoying warrior angels. As a result, he tries his best to to work through human proxies. There are any number of grey functionaries he can use as stalking horses, and they make great scapegoats when he needs to throw some scraps to the wolves.

Even though Aram is not very ambitious (lounging on a tropical beach surrounded by women of low moral character is his biggest dream), he works obsessively to promote his word. He is terrified that Mammon will one day remember his existence, and since there isn't anyone he can scapegoat this time, he actually needs real accomplishments to shield himself from his master.

Special Attunement:


The demon with this attunement can forge and manipulate financial records. If the demon makes a Will roll when changing one set of records, every copy of the books will change! Anyone examining the books gets a Perception check to see the forgery, but the roll is at -1 for each point of Essence the demon spent while using the attunement. (However, any angel with Marc's Friend of the Shareholders distinction will automatically detect the forgery. Also, the Seraphim resonance works as normal, as well.)

Adventure Seed:

Unfortunately for Aram, he has attracted the attention of Mene, Angel of Accountants. She has worked tirelessly to encourage honest and accurate work from her chosen humans, and grew suspicious when some of her best proteges inexplicably threw their careers away. Aram would love to back down, but doubly unfortunately for him, Mene is one of Marc's rare Malakim...

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