Jetrel ("Jet")

Balseraph of Fate (Kronos)

(Created by: "Kirt A. Dankmyer -- aka Loki" <>)

Forces: 9

Corporeal Forces - 2  Strength     5   Agility    3
Ethereal Forces  - 2  Intelligence 5   Precision  3 
Celestial Forces - 5  Will         10  Perception 10


none (see below)


Computer Operation/1, Dodge/6, Driving/1, Escape/1, Fighting/1, Throwing/1, RW (Pistol)/1


Healing (Corporeal/6), Shields (Celestial/3)


Balseraph of Fate (Kyriotate resonance), Impudite of Fate, Fated Future

Jetrel was lovingly crafted by Kronos to drive Angels of Destiny, particularly Kyriotates, absolutely mad. Kronos is, if anything, a craftsman.

Jet's modus operandi when dealing with a human with a great Fate is remarkably similiar to that of a Kyriotate of Destiny -- inverted. He possesses someone close to the victim and figures out his borrowed vessel's relation to the victim with the Impudite of Fate attunement. Then, a few well-placed lies drive the victim to his fated future. Jet has even posed successfully as a Kyriotate of Destiny using this method, though when he's experiencing less hubris, he pretends to be a Kyriotate of Gabriel...

When he doesn't want to reveal his Demon Prince to other demons, he pretends to be a Shedite, another guise which is easy to maintain, especially if he switches vessels often. He's especially fond of posing as a Shedite of Asmodeus, since then he doesn't have to pretend to corrupt his host.

Jet, being a demon from birth, is a smiling, grinning maniac who enjoys messing with people's heads. To him, God is a petty tyrant, imposing a single objective reality on Mankind, and by sending the weaker members of the species to their Fate, he helps break God's hold on the universe. He looks forward to the day when Hell will win, and, in his vision, everyone will have their own reality to play in. He is extremely loyal to his master, and doesn't wish to fail him, though his empathy for his creator sometimes gets out of hand, making it difficult for him to even pretend to work with demons who are associated with Kobal or Valefor. Some say that Kronos endeavored to make Jet as loyal as possible to counter a smiliar Balseraph that just left his service...

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