Balseraph Baron of Lust (Andrealphus)

Demon of Romance

(Created by: Carmen Clemons <carmenc@dfwmm.net>)

Corporeal 4  Strength 8      Agility 8
Ethereal  4  Intelligence 7  Precision 9
Celestial 5  Will 12         Perception 8


Human/6, Charisma +4


Acrobatics 3, Detect Lies 4, Dodge 1, Emote 6, Escape 3, Fast-Talk 4, Fighting 4, Move Silently 1, Savoir-Faire 6, Seduction 6


Attraction (Ethereal/5), Charm (All/3), Dreams (Corporeal/2, Ethereal/1, Celestial/5), Entropy (Ethereal/3, Celestial/4), Possession/4, Tongues (Corporeal/2), Form (Celestial/6)


Balseraph of Lust, Djinn of Lust, Knight of Infernal Pleasures, Captain of Diabolical Delight, Baron of Eternal Ecstasy, Dark Desire, Kiss of Death, Demon of Romance

Special Rite

As the Demon of Romance, Lenore gains 1 Essence if she makes a human fall in love (not just believe she's in love) in an abusive relationship. If she can do this to an Angel, she gains 2 Essence.

Well, here's another one, the counterpart to my Angel of Roses. What do you think?

Lenore was originally assigned to work for Ruzael, when he was Demon of Romance. After he defected, she managed to complete some of Andre's plans that Ruzael had tried to sabotage. In return, Andre granted her the Word of Romance.

Lenore has been busy since then. She works hard for her Word, perverting Romance and love by fostering abusive and sinful relationships among mortals. She often tries to close down battered women's shelters and similar support groups, and influences authority figures so that they don't consider issues such as rape and spousal abuse important. She often works with the Demon of Child Abuse, since those who were abused as children often abuse their loved ones later in life.

Lenore has come into direct conflict with Servitors of Novalis, Dominic, Blandine, Yves, and Khalid. She holds a special hatred for Ruzael, the Angel of Roses, because of his betrayal in the twelfth century, and she would do almost anything to see him suffer.

The Word of Romance grants Lenore a couple of abilities. Lenore can touch a person and determine that person's image of the perfect romantic partner. This works much like a Lilim's perception of a victim's need. After she has determined the victim's version of the perfect mate, she can begin to alter that image. Spending one Essence allows her to change a single detail of the victim's image. The victim can make a Will roll to resist the change.


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