Maztish, Demon of the 2nd Amendment

By David Chart (


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Maztish, Balseraph of Death, Baron of the Second Amendment

Over the thirty years of the Troubles in Northern Ireland, 3,000 people have died. The Demon of Terrorism is pleased. In 1992, handguns killed 13,200 people in the USA. Maztish is ecstatic.

Saminga likes Maztish. Lots of people die because of Maztish. Maztish good. Nice Servitor, have some Forces. Maztish despises his boss. He'd love to change superiors, perhaps to Baal (that "Militia" bit) or to Malphas. The Prince who has shown most interest, however, is Kobal. Kobal finds it hilarious that Maztish is in charge of one of the fundamental rights of all Americans. Maztish is a little reluctant to make that switch: guns are serious, very serious.

Maztish has a number of roles, none of whom have actually killed anyone. (This is a way of cocking a snook at Saminga. Who hasn't noticed.) His most prominent Role is Milton F. Weisenstock, a spokesman for the NRA. He has convinced vast numbers of legislators that guns are no more deadly than baseball bats. "Anyone who wants to kill you will do so, whether they have a gun or not." Other Roles promote the possession of firearms for self-defence, or as part of traditional rural culture.

In Hell's hierarchy, Maztish has it made. His boss is pleased with him, and too dim to notice that the feeling is not mutual. Most other demons also find him useful: Baal, most Shedites, all Calabites, and Kobal would hate to see anything happen to his Word. Maztish has looked after it competently for centuries, so short of his going Renegade, he can do anything he likes in Infernal Politics, provided that he does it subtly.

Maztish is a powerful Word-bound demon: he certainly has more than twelve Forces, but probably works best as a background figure.

Special Band Attunement: Maztish can kill a human being with any firearm without disturbing the Symphony. He is, after all, only exercising a fundamental right.

Special Rite: Convince a US citizen who doesn't own a firearm to buy one.

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