Balseraph of Fate (Kronos)

Demon of Honor

By: Christopher Paul <>
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"Honor is as much a burden as it is a boon. I will see yours drag you down."


     Corporeal -- 6: Strength 12, Agility 12
     Ethereal -- 4: Intelligence 7, Precision 9
     Celestial -- 5:Will 11, Perception 9

Skills and Songs:


Acrobatics 3, Climbing 3, Artistry 1, Computer Operation 1, Detect Lies 1, Dodge 5, Driving 3, Emote 3, Escape 4, Fast-Talk 4, Fighting 6, Large Weapon 6, Move Silently 3, Ranged Weapon 5, Savoir-Faire 3, Singing 3, Small Weapon 4, Tactics 5, Knowledge (Chivalry) 5, Knowledge (Bushido) 5, Knowledge (Athenian Honor) 3, Knowledge (Philosophy: Honor) 4, Knowledge (History of Dueling) 3, Knowledge: (Malakim) 4, Language (Japanese) 3, Language (Chinese) 3, Language (Greek) 3, Language (French) 2. [Other skills or languages as appropriate]


Ethereal Attraction 4, Celestial Attraction 5, Corporeal Charm 5, Corporeal Forms 6, Celestial Forms 5, Ethereal Harmony 6, Corporeal Healing 5, Celestial Light 5, Celestial Motion 5, Corporeal Shields 5, Ethereal Shields 5, Celestial Tongues 4, Numinous Corpus: Acid 6, Numinous Corpus: Horns, 5. [Any additional songs you require]

Attunements and Distinctions:

Balseraph Resonance, Balseraph Band Attunement of Kronos (Angelic Choir Mimic) Malakim Resonance, Fated Future servitor Attunement of Kronos, Temporal Projection Servitor Attunement of Kronos, Knight of the Winged Chariot, Captain of the Infernal Hourglass, Baron of the Book of Days (18th Century (Feudal Japanese period), 20th Century).


Spend six hours observing the passage of time, Prevent someone from achieving his destiny, help someone meet his fate, Kill an adversary (from Baal). Special Rite: See someone come to harm through adherence to their personal honor.

Vessels and Servants:

Sebastian has a wide variety of vessel and servants.


Balseraphs in the service of Kronos may choose to emulate the Attunement of a Choir of angels, in addition to their own selfish resonance. Sebastian is one of the very few of those Balseraphim who chose to take the resonance of the Malakim. While the nature of Balseraph and Malakite seem fundamentally contradictory, Sebastian has successfully negotiated the fine line of the contradiction for several centuries. Following his brilliant work in Japan during the Feudal era, he was granted his word, "Honor."

Though he is a Balseraph, Sebastian rarely lies. In fact, he is a supremely honorable being. He holds everyone he meets to his own ridiculously high standards of moral obligation: it is his Balseraph nature that leads him to this perversion of honor, and his Balseraph resonance which aids him in bringing others to heights of honor that they themselves cannot possibly sustain.

Sebastian believes that it is through Honor that the Symphony will be purified. If all souls achieve perfect honor, then the Symphony will be perfect, and distinctions between beings of all kinds will fall away. In moving toward this perfect conclusion, Sebastian is testing the honor of every soul in the Symphony, to see if they can achieve and sustain perfect honor, one person at a time. So far, he has found no-one who is worthy beyond himself.

Sebastian's ultimate goal is to try the Malakim. He earnestly hopes that some (or at least one) of them will be worthy. So far, any that he has engaged for long have proven unworthy, but have been destroyed by their brethren before they could Fall. He imagines that, if he could get a Malakite to Fall, that under his tutelage, he might be able to instill adherence to the same standards of honor that he himself maintains.

Malakim Oaths:

Sebastian's personal code of honor includes the following oaths:

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