Calabite Baron of Nightmares (Beleth)

(Created by: "Leathal Weapon" <>)


CORPOREAL 4 (Strength 9, Agility 8)
ETHEREAL 5 (Intelligence 9, Precision 11)
CELESTIAL 4 (Will 9, Perception 8)


Acrobatics/2, Artistry (Blood/ Flesh)/4, Climbing/3, Detect Lies/2, Dodge/3, Emote/2, Escape/4, Fast-Talk/1, Fighting/4, Large Weapon/1, Lying/4, Move Silently/3, Seduction/1, Small Weapon/4, Tactics/1.


Celestial Song of Attraction/4,
Corporeal Song of Charm/2, Ethereal Song of Charm/5, Celestial Song of Charm/2,
Corporeal Song of Dreams/2, Ethereal Song of Dreams/6, Celestial Song of Dreams/6,
Ethereal Song of Entropy/3, Celestial Song of Entropy/3,
Corporeal Song of Form/1, Ethereal Song of Form/2, Celestial Song of Form/5,
Ethereal Song of Light/3,
Ethereal Song of Motion/4, Celestial Song of Motion/3,
Song of Possession/3,
Celestial Song of Shields/2,
Numinous Corpus (all)/3.


Calabim of Nightmares, Impudite of Nightmares, Dream Walking, Terror, Baron of Screams, Scared to Death (Special, See Below).


Razor Glove (Small Weapon +2): This is Freddy's weapon of choice. It inspires terror in all who have heard of his reputation. By the use of 1 Essence the user may will it to enter the Corporeal realm. Note that it is always bound to Freddy, and anyone who wears it except him is subject to a Song of Possession roll with the check digit as a negative modifier to their Will roll to resist. If failed, Freddy is summoned into that person and may use the vessel in any way he wishes from the next Round.


Watch the first movie. Note that in the world of In Nomine, Freddy was never a human. His Roles in reality have always involved murder, mayhem and terror. His Discord manifests as ugly burn scars that are apparent on any form he takes. The only way Freddy may operate without these rather distinctive scars is by possessing another person's body. Note that Freddy loves to terrorise his victims, destroying everything they hold dear before finally killing them. Note that Freddy would normally be a noisy Celestial with his constant killing, but after decades of practice he has developed a special attunement (Scared to Death). This attunement acts similarly to a Role. If he causes the death of a human from within their dream, the act creates no Noise if at least one of the dice rolled (on D666) is less than his Ethereal Forces.

Unfortunately, Freddy often gets too caught up in his work, and resorts to using the Corporeal realm to kill his victim's friends and family. This of course creates a lot of noise.

"Okay, after my earlier post, I've decided to go and throw some numbers together. BE warned, this NPC is powerful, and it will take a lot of thought for PCs to take him down. After reading the responses on the subject I've still decided to make him a Calabim (Hell's greatest saddists), but thought that he needed to be attuned to his victims. Voila! Add the Celestial Song of Attraction. Let me know what you think. The original idea for the character is Copyright by Wes Craven (as far as I know). This interpretation is in no way intended as a challenge to that copyright, it is merely an example of my interpretation of how such a character would be translated into the world of In Nomine." --Leath.

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