Calabite Servitor of Fire (Belial)

Created by: Neel Krishnaswami (neelk@MIT.EDU)

"Build a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life."

Forces: 9

Corporeal Forces 4 -- Strength 8      Agility 8
Ethereal  Forces 2 -- Intelligence 3  Precision 5
Celestial Forces 3 -- Will 10         Perception 2


Human/2, Role/1, Status/1 (Bag lady)


Fighting/5, Dodge/6, Ranged Weapon/4, Chemistry/4, Lying/5, Driving/2, Move Silently/2


Numininous Corpus(Acid)/3


Firewalker, Calabite of Fire

Discord: Discolored/4 (Skin covered with Hebrew tatoos)

Appearance: Iri is a little over 5 feet tall, with a lean runner's build. She is of indeterminate race; every square inch of Iri's skin is covered in Hebrew tatoos, and she has shaved off all her hair (including eyebrows) to better show them off. If someone can read Hebrew, they will discover that her tatoos are profanity of the vilest sort, and that they are *different* each time she is encountered.


Iri is an unsubtle demon, even for a Calabite of Fire. Couple her firm belief that the only problems that cannot be solved with enough napalm can be solved with the Calabim resonance, to the fact that she has no ambition at all, and it is easy to understand why she is one of Belial's favorite servitors.

Iri has never seriously questioned her role in the War, and, given the childlike glee she takes in destruction, is unlikely to ever do so. She uses her current role as a bag lady to terrorize the employees of missions and homeless shelters. It amuses her to demonstrate to the down-and-out that things can always get worse.

Despite this, she is not an especially spiteful or malicious. She is simply unaware of the fact that other people, especially humans, exist for anything other than her amusement. She doesn't take pleasure from the suffering she inflicts -- she simply likes smashing things, and the people around her are convenient.

Adventure Seed:

Iri was the tiniest bit messy the last time she torched a shelter, and now there's this nasty Malakite of Michael on her case. Since Iri herself is none too bright, Belial wants the PCs to figure out how the angels caught on to what she was doing. He is worried that the angels have found some way around the disturbance-damping abilities of the Calabim of Fire.

If the PCs investigate, they are going to discover that Iri did everything right -- she waited until late at night, when there were no witnesses, and made sure to leave no survivors. They are going to have a nasty time of it, too, since Iri herself is none-too-helpful, and was very very thorough about destroying all the evidence. This is consistent with both her doing her job correctly and her trying to hide the evidence.

Meanwhile, there is an angry Malakite of War doing the exact same thing...

The answer to the puzzle is pretty simple, actually. One of the victims at her last barbecue was a homeless old Vietnam vet. When he arrived in Heaven, his first act was to head to the Groves and tell Michael about the demon that torched the shelter he was in. Of course, figuring this out will be a bit of a problem.


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