Calabite Baron of Factions (Malphas

Demon of The Commons

Created by: (Alexander Shearer)

Corporeal Forces - 4 (Strength 9, Agility 7)
Ethereal Forces - 5 (Intelligence 10, Precision 10)
Celestial Forces - 4 (Will 12, Perception 8)


Human/4 (Charisma +2);
Water Buffalo/1


Charm (Ethereal/4, Celestial/5), Entropy (Corporeal/5), Numinous Corpus (Acid/4, Claws/3)


Detect Lies/4, Driving/1, Fast-Talk/4, Fighting/4


Djinn of Factions, Calabite of Factions, Imbroglio, Polarize, Baron of Inner Torment, the Demon of The Commons

Discord: Jaded/4

Special Rite:

As the Demon of The Commons, Pardas regains 1 Essence simply by spending the night in a suitably neglected public area. Run down city parks and Superfund sites are old favorites.

Pardas has been around for a while. Some time in the second millenium A.D., he managed to so impress Malphas with his work in making people neglect the care of public lands and property that he was promoted repeatedly. In a brief rise over only a few decades, Pardas went from a rather staid demon of factions to a real mover and shaker. When he gained his Word, Pardas was sure he had it made. After all, what force was more powerful in the world of man than that of neglect?

For a while (several hundred years), Pardas lived high on the hog. Every time someone dumped an object in the ocean, his Word was strengthened. Every time some farmers drained the local water supply, he prospered. Indeed, Pardas had plans for bigger things, when he had the time. Some day, he might even expand his Word to the nearly limitless Neglect.

Unfortunately, Pardas has not yet found his opportunity, and things have taken a bit of a downward turn in the past half century. Certainly, the budding environmentalist movements are no more than minor dents in Pardas' plans, but after centuries of the same old thing, his natural tendency to feel that all has been said and done already has been amplified. In this cynical complacency, Pardas seemed like the perfect target for an overthrow by his immediate servitors.

The brief insurrection attempt failed, but it cost Pardas some of his Forces, and set back any plans he may have had involving Neglect. For the moment, Pardas roams the Earth in disgust and dismay, occasionally taking the time to promote his Word by direct action. More often, he simply demonstrates his Word. Most recently, Pardas has created several animal vessels so he can sit, eat, and destroy public land while he plots for the future.

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