Djinn Servitor of Lust (Andrealphus)

Created by: "Paul F. Strack" <pfstrack@math.unc.edu>

Corporeal Forces - 2 (Strength 4, Agility 4)
Ethereal Forces - 2 (Intelligence 5, Precision 3)
Celestial Forces - 5 (Will 11, Perception 9)


Human/3, Charisma +2, Body 20, Role/2 (Publisher, Status/3)


Light (Celestial/3)


Seduction/3, Lying/2, Fast Talk/2


Djinn of Lust, Dark Desire

Hattaavah, like most Servitors of Andrealphus, revels in the temptations of flesh. She supports her Superior's word through her ownership of a minor porn magazine, Flesh. Flesh is not particularly popular, nor does it have a wide readership. In fact, the main purpose of Flesh is to be a cover and recruiting ground for Hattaavah lesser known but more successful hard-core S&M magazine, Flesh: Raw.

Hattaavah personally supervises all photo shoots for Flesh magazine. She "works" with models of both genders, using her attunements to drive them to greater depths of depravity. After enough work, they are ready to graduate to work on the underground magazine. Flesh: Raw contains nothing but images of women as objects and victims. Its main message is the greatest sexual satisfaction for a man comes from ownership, explotation and brutality.

Hattaavah has been known to lend her models to demons for unrelated projects, prostituting them to gain access to men of power. Her well-trained models are willing to do just about anything, and there are those that will give much to have such a sexual encounter. Hattaaavah feels somewhat proprietory about her charges, though, and always attunes herself to them before she lends them out.

Hattaavah hopes someday to earn a Word of Pornography from her Superior. There are still a few things she cannot tolerate, however. Child pornography drives Hattaavah into a rage. She feels that it is a waste. Children are too young to understand, and are not spiritually tainted by their explotation. There is no gain in souls for tell. If truth be told, there are some depths even a demon will not sink to.

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