Shogg, Djinn of Sloth

by James Walker



Corporeal: 2 - Strength 1, Agility 7
Ethereal: 3 - Intelligence 5, Precision 7
Celestial: 6 - Will 12, Perception 12
Skills: Emote/6, Knowledge (Bureaucratic Stalling/6), Detect Lies/4, Lying/4, Fast Talk/5 Songs: Harmony (Corporeal/1, Ethereal/6, Celestial/3)
Discord: Geas/6 (Lilith); 3 Geas/3 (various Lilim); Twitchy/6, Fear (Work)/1, Slothful/6
Attunements: Balseraph of Sloth, Djinn of Sloth, Lilim of Sloth, Calabim of Sloth, Impudite of Sloth

A few millennia ago, Shogg decided that it made more sense to owe Lilith a Geas/2 than to actually do the tasks his Prince had assigned him. When she called in the Geas Shogg found himself the new doorman for the GuildHall. His total inability to do a decent day's work has meant that he still hasn't paid off the Geas - instead, it keeps growing. He has, however, been repeatedly promoted as his unwillingness to do anything that isn't absolutely essential ("non-essential" includes opening doors, making appointments, replying to questions and so on) means that his superiors, including Lilith, are never bothered by anything that isn't vitally important and time critical. Of course, they're frequently not bothered even if it is, but that isn't Shogg's problem. The closest thing he has to a problem is the knowledge that if he ever did fulfill his Geas, he would have to leave the GuildHall. Should that happen Haagenti would have hi! m for lunch. Fortunately this isn't likely to happen. Less fortunately, Lucifer once decided to drop in on Lilith at the GuildHall, and gave Shogg his Twitchy Discord as punishment for not helping the Dark Lord sufficiently swiftly.

Shogg can go anywhere and do anything in the GuildHall, simply because he is too lazy to abuse this privilege. He minds Lilith's interview book; the last entry was during the Black Death, when Raphael arrived to discuss the crisis. He is still unhappy about that incident - he'd found a particularly comfortable position to slouch in and then the Malakim accompanying Raphael kicked him upright. "That's one of Shogg's tasks" is the most savage form of "it isn't going to happen" known to the GuildHall. As Lilith's personal secretary, his power is actually quite extreme - again, because he's normally too lazy to use it.

Goals: Do as little as possible; Avoid being given more Discord by Lucifer.

Band Attunements of Sloth


To lazy to lie themselves, the Balseraphs of Sloth can unload the task onto those around them. A successful will roll by the demon will cause a human to find reasons why his current task is unnecessary - if his perception + Fast Talk is greater than his Will he must roll against his Fast Talk skill; success means that he has persuaded himself that his actions are futile. He may still perform them, particularly if he fears punishment, but will probably grumble.


Djinn of Sloth "delegate" their tasks to their attuned victims; anyone the Djinn is attuned to must subtract the Djinn's resonance roll from their effective will when trying to resist having the Djinn's tasks unloaded onto them.


Lilim of Sloth, or anyone else with this attunement, may delay fulfilling Geasa they owe for twice as long as normal before acquiring dissonance. However, they (and anyone owing them a Geas) acquire two points of dissonance every time they perform a task forbidden by a Geas.


The victims of a Calabite of Sloth hurt every time they move: They have a penalty to all target numbers equal to the number of unhealed wounds they have that were inflicted by the Calabite. Further, injuries inflicted by the Calabite do not heal naturally unless the target has spent the last 24 hours resting.


Impudites of Sloth can make humans too slothful to use their essence, losing the ability to make focused efforts. Symphonically aware humans may still spend essence consciously. At any one time the demon can affect a number of targets equal to his Corporeal Forces.


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