Habbalah of Factions (Malphas)

Demon of Patriotism

Created by: Peter Frederick <>

"Our Country! In her intercourse with foreign nations, may she always be in the right; but our country, right or wrong."

Grudnak is a demon who has worked a long time to see his Word develop. Like many Servitors of Malphas, he traps humans by allowing themselves to feel selfless by acting in a cause larger than themselves, while in truth they are only using the cause to justify not having to think about their duty to their fellows. It took Grudnak a long time to find the right balance to make his Word appeal to the mass of humans, although there was a lot of misery in the simple breaking down and building up of political units to find one the right size and composition.

In the second half of the second millennium of the Christian Era, Grudnak turned with what he had learnt to the New World, making an alliance with another of Malphas' Servitors, the Demon of Religious Intolerance, to push his more successfully nurtured nations into a no holds barred contest of expansion. The new nations formed in both the north and south of the new hemisphere have proved fertile ground for Grudnak, who has continued his experimentation with other factors that affect his Word. Recently Grudnak has been in stiff competition with the Demon of Ethnic Hatred, who has improved to be one of Malphas' better operators.

Some of his fellow damned are curious as to why Grudnak hasn't risen higher in Hell's Ranks and feel he missed too many good opportunities in the 1800's. The truth is that Grudnak just enjoys his work too much and hasn't got the political wit to make anything more of himself.

"Nothing is so delicious as seeing one bunch of stupid humans self-righteously loot and pillage and torture their way through another bunch of pathetic humans just because the second bunch of useless humans was born on the other side of some river."

Servitor Attunements

Not Made Here -

With a Will Roll a Servitor of Patriotism can a cause targeted mortal to have a flash of xenophobia, causing them to reject anything they can identify as foreign. Note the "foreign" thing, be it item, person or idea, need not actually be foreign, just identified as so by the target. The xenophobia last for Check Digit minutes. The target can resist taking action on the xenophobia with a Will Roll, but must continue to make Will Rolls til the xenophobia wears off.

Just Like the Duke -

By associating a course of action with a figure of prestige in the target mortal's country, and spending a point of Essence, a Servitor of Patriotism can make the course of action so attractive that the target must make a Will Roll to resist following the suggested course of action. The target will aggressively pursue the course of action for an amount of Minutes equal to their failed Will Roll if in a combat or stress situation, Days if not in combat. "Hey, buddy, you gonna take that from those wetbacks? Get back in there and show 'em what an American is really made of, that's what John Wayne would do."

Rite - Grudank has only one rite.

For one Essence - get a mortal to cause harm or loss to another mortal and justify it as necessary through Patriotism. Grudnak loves the theory of Manifest Destiny and the Monroe Doctrine


Grudnak may be summonned by any of his Servitors or any Servitor of Malphas on a base chance of 5; he is really interested in the Corporeal Plane.
+1 Wearing a piece of a recognised national costume
+2 Flag of the Nation you are in.
+3 Sing in full the National Anthem of the Nation you are in.
+4 At a Major National Monument commemorating an incident of National Pride.

"Recent discussions prompted me to give another polish to this Demon, who still might not quite be finished. I was going to call him the Demon of Nationalsim, but I stuck with Patriotism.

Pop Quiz - Who said the quote I opened this post with.

Thanking you for your indulgence." --Peter.

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