Habbalah Captain of Lust (Andre)

Demon of Homosexuality

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As a warning: the text below deals with a sensitive topic; reader discretion is advised.
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Sitri first manifested as an angel in service to Eli, a fact that caused no little confusion among the members of the Divine hierarchy. Still, it stands to reason that, if someone had to hold the divine word of Homosexual Love, it would have to be an Elohite. Their resonance for emotion and utter impartiality would be required to understand that the love held by these men and women was real, and that judgment should not be passed based on who happens to receive that love. As an angel, Sitri helped his charges maintain the balance between eros and agape, the passion of the body and the stirrings of the heart. Sadly, he also often had to help them endure the trials inflicted upon them for the feelings they held.

Although Eli did his best to protect him, the eyes of the Archangel Dominic looked with scorn upon an angel who encouraged acts which were clearly "abominations that cried out to God." When Eli abandoned the Halls of Heaven in the beginning of the century, Sitri was left without a Superior and defenseless against the will of those who would cast him out. (Novalis kept silent as the servitor of her ally was tried. Love of man for man and woman for woman she could comprehend...but she couldn't bear the thought of the "unnatural" acts involved.)

It wasn't long after that Sitri Fell. His perspective fractured, he now emphasizes the physical part of homosexuality over all else, and tends his "divine" word by using his resonance to encourage same-sex lust. Strangely enough, though, he seems to exhibit the same care for his charges that he always did, but shows no signs of dissonance. Either Andre is taking good care of his servant, or Sitri isn't as far away from Eli as others think.


Sitri retains the androgyny integral to his word, keeping a similar form in both his male and female vessels. His bodies are kept nearly hairless: a buzz-cut hairstyle and a completely shaven body, adorned with several piercings in provoactive places.


Sitri is on very good terms with Andrealphus, and has done several services for Nybbas, who has responded by improving the media's image of gay culture -- compare the present image of homosexuality to its status before Eli left. However, he's an easy target for Andre's enemies: Saminga and Baal, especially.