The Librarian

By Douglas Muir (


The boy was trying not to tremble as he pushed his books across the counter. _Maybe she won't remember me_, he thought. _It's been a whole semester..._

The plump, pretty young woman behind the counter took the books, glanced up from her screen, looked away to swipe the laser pen across them... and then paused, and looked back. Her expression hardened. "You're Jimmy Morrison, aren't you."

"Umm... uh, yeah."

"Yes. _Ma'am_."

"Yuh, yes ma'am." Jimmy could feel himself blushing, sweat breaking all over his body.

"The same Jimmy Morrison who, last November, tore... *three*... pages out of a magazine in the children's section. Yes? *That* Jimmy Morrison?"

Jimmy started to speak -- to apologize, to say that he'd paid for the magazine, anything -- but all that came out was a dry mumble. _She's so scary_, he thought despairingly. _All the grownups think she's nice, but the way she /looks/ at you..._ He stared at the carpet, unable to raise his eyes, unable to speak. _Why'd I have to do this stupid book report? Why'd they make us come *here*?_

Behind him, a little girl turned towards her mother, face clouding. "Mommy, I don't _like_ coming to the library."

* * * * *

Ylisha, Habbalite of Fate

2 Corp
Str 4
Agil 4

3 Ethereal

Int 7
Precis 5

3 Celestial

Per 5
Will 7

Vessel - 2 (female)

Role - 3 (children's librarian)


Emote - 2
Knowledge (library science) - 3
Knowledge (child psychology) - 2
Lying - 2


Corporeal Projection - 4
Possession - 4


Habbalite of Fate
Fated Future

Ylisha appears as a plump young woman in her middle twenties, well dressed and reasonably attractive (the sort that everyone says would be stunning if she'd take off the glasses and lose 20 pounds). She's warm and open to adults, and also to children... when other adults are around. A few perceptive adults may notice that children treat her with exaggerated deference and respect, but they just assume that must be because she's so nice...

Ylisha is a new demon, fresh out of Hell, but she has great plans. Right now she's working as a children's librarian, terrorizing children into hating and fearing the library and, by extension, all sorts of reading and learning. She views this as a sideline, though (albeit a deeply enjoyable and fulfilling one). Her real job is scanning the little ones for potential Fates and Destinies.

When Ylisha spots a promising or interesting child, she'll spend the Essence to use her attunement (obviously, she can only do this every other day or so, so she studies them carefully first). When she finds something interesting, she'll tenaciously follow the child, using her Songs to watch it at home if necessary.

With her Song of Possession, Ylisha can make all sorts of interventions in a child's life, from administering a beating to changing a grade on a test. She is absolutely remorseless; if the child can't handle her proxy attacks (which may involve anything from teasing to sexual assault), it's the little weakling's own fault. She's also fond of using her Habbalite attunement on her victims to nudge them towards their Fate (say, by throwing a temper tantrum at the dinner table, or suffering a panic attack during the class pageant). In just the year or so she's been in this Role, she has done a great deal of subtle but lasting damage.

Ylisha would be almost helpless in a fight, but she shouldn't be underestimated; she uses her songs with a great deal of cunning, and she'll be very alert to any sort of attempt at interference with her work.

PC angels could encounter Ylisha by being sent to help a child towards its destiny, only to find their work being strangely blocked at every turn (by humans, or so it seems). Any angel of Yves or Christopher would _want_ to mix it up with her -- finding and eliminating her would win at least a pat on the back from either of these Superiors -- but they'll have to figure out what she is first. Ylisha is quite clever, and will use her attunment and the Song of Possession to cause other teachers and staff members to act suspiciously and divert angelic attention from her.

If Ylisha feels threatened, she can call for help, and she will be answered fairly promptly; Kronos will not want to lose such a promising servant. If she has been exposed, she'll be extracted and sent somewhere else. If not, angels will quickly be subjected to harassing attacks and distractions from other Servitors of Fate.

Ylisha is a suitable opponent for a small group of beginning PC angels or a group of humans.


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