Impudite Baron of the War (Baal)

Demon of Duelling

(Created by: "Kirt A. Dankmyer -- aka Loki" <>)

Forces: 13

Corporeal Forces - 5    Strength     10    Agility    10
Ethereal Forces  - 5    Intelligence 10    Precision  10
Celestial Forces - 4    Will          8    Perception  8


Human Female/5 (Charisma +2),

Human Male/5 (Charisma +1)


Healing (Corporeal/6, Celestial/6), Shields (Corporeal/3, Ethereal/6, Celestial/3), Tongues (Corporeal/3)


Acrobatics/1, Dodge/6, Emote/1, Fighting/6, Knowledge (Duelling)/6, Languages (English/3, French/3, Italian/3, German/3), Large Weapons(Sword)/6, Ranged Weapon(Pistol)/6, Small Weapon(Knife)/3, Throwing/1, Computer Operation/1, Savoir-Faire/6


Impudite of the War, Balseraph of the War, Art of Combat, State of Ophis

Special Rites:

Caym (Kay to her friends) was once a favored servitor of the War, but her Word has been on the wane for a very long time, and she isn't powerful as she used to be, but she is still a force to be recond with -- her personal power hasn't quite waned as much as her Word has. Yet.

However, Kay has always been a clever demon, and her knowledge of human nature has made her creative. Caym is responsible for the recent rash of video games in the "Mortal Kombat" vein -- a form of duelling that also has enamored her to certain related demons of Media and Technology. In particular, she has been working with a number of demons of Technolgy off-and-on (mostly over the Net) to increase the number of duels in the "Man vs. Machine" vein. (Big Blue was her idea.)

Also, her age-old method of getting two males to fight over her still works, she just has to be more creative about the contest and the prize. (Modern males don't usually believe that woman will just give herself to someone who wins a contest. However, challenges like "Whoever wins this chess match gets a kiss" can be remarkably effective.)

Because of her creativity, Kay has been attracting some vicious young turks to her service, some of which she employs encouraging Thai kickboxing and other one-on-one bloodsports. This has given her the time to pursue some old grudges.

Caym is that most annoying of all demons: An honorable opponent. She informs her enemies of her intentions before she moves against them, doesn't go back on her word, and doesn't always kill her opponents in a duel. In fact, she prefers to leave angels alive, so she might face them again. To top all this off, like all Impudites, she's charming, clever, and a pleasure to be around, able to hold her own in nearly any conversational topic -- after all, debating is another form of duelling.

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