Frank N. Furter

Impudite Knight of Lust

Created by:

CORP: 2 (STR 3, AGL 5)
ETHL: 3 (INT 8, PRE 4)
CSTL: 4 (WIL 11, PER 5)


Human/2 (Charisma +3);
Human/1 (Role/3,Status/3: Preacher);
Human/2 (Role/2,Status/2: Wordsworth, the Butler)


Columbia (Class 4), Rocky (Class 1)


Chemistry/3, Detect Lies/1, Emote/5, Fast-Talk/2, Knowledge (he...has...that...knowledge...)/4, Language (French)/2, Large Weapon (Icepick)/1, Seduction/5, Singing/5


Attraction (Ethereal/3), Form (Celestial/2: "You?" "I'm afraid so, Brad, but isn't it nice?") Harmony (Corporeal/3: "It's as if we're glued to the spot!" "You are!"), Light (Corporeal/2, Ethereal/5: Instant Audience!), Shields (Celestial/5: How else do you hide an Artifact that big?)


Impudite of Lust, Knight of Infernal Pleasures, Dark Desire


Angry/1, Lustful/4

[Of course, this is all at the peak of his power. After the events of the movie, he's down one vessel and both servants. Then again, he'll probably have that Discord purged.]

The Master (his preferred title) is also the custodian of The Castle, a grand infernal Artifact with all three songs of's capable of traveling all over the planet, as well as to Hell and back.

THE WHOLE GORY STORY: As the film opens, Frank's research into creation of undead is approaching fruition: he's attempting to build himself the ultimate lover to satisfy his own Discord. Andre's amused by the idea of using undead for such a purpose (it torques off Saminga sufficiently) but is disappointed in his servant for gathering so much Discord; after all, it's a Servitor of Lust's duty to inspire desire, not experience it. Still, Frank has always been a good servant...perhaps he just needs a lesson taught to him...

[So, anyone want to see the corresponding Djinn of Asmodeus with the three-pronged Artifact? ;)]

yours, at the late-night, double-feature picture show,

[No copyright violation is intended of the Rocky Horror Picture Show -- as if anything with a cult following like it has would be bothered by something like this... --arcangel]

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