Impudite Captain of Dark Humor (Kobal)

Demon of Satire

Created by: Marco Lambert <lambert@rhrk.uni-kl.de>

Forces : 12 ; 4 each corp, ether, celest.
STR: 6 ; AGI: 10 ; INT: 8 ; PRE: 8 ; WIL : 10 ; PER: 6

He has a Vessel/4 with the Role of Journalist (Status/4), known for his
satirical articles and caricatures. He appears mostly as the smart, young,
successful freelance journalist, who is invited to many if not all VIP parties.


Comp Oper /3 , Lying /5 , Savoire Faire/3 , Writing (Newspaperarticle or small mockerey)/4 , Artist/5 , Fast Talk/3 ...


Motion(cor)/2 , Possesion/3 , Tongues(all3)/3 , Shields(cor)/1 (eth)/2 , (cel)/1



Attunements & Distinctions:

Prank , Impud. of D. Humor , Habbalah of D. Humor. He is Knight of Derision and Captain of Repartee.

In resent years he worked together with servitors of Nybbas and has even got some reward for inventing some satirical and cynical talkshows. So he now is also Knight of influence, and has the Sublimial attunement.

He also created the following new attunement:

Sticky joke:

With this you can give someone or some institution a bad reputation (Examples <see below>). First draw a picture, perform a parody or write a text. If succsessful, then the check digit halved (round UP) is the negative social modifier the victim gets from the first 13 persons who see or hear this satirical work and fail the will role. This effect lasts for check digit weeks. The affected people continue to spread this to other people. But for the second hand hearer or spectator the social modifier is reduced to -1. So after some telling around, the joke looses his effect. Live performances on TV do work also, but they do not attract more victims.

>Do you remember the last time you heard the bad joke about the young men who want to become a catholic priest, just like his father ? Now your are sitting in mass and the guy in black talks to you about the sin of flesh. What does he know of the pleasure of flesh, perhaps even too much. Why is he trying to make his guilt and complexes your own ? Well, you can only laugh at him. Forget about his rubbish you will do it your way, he has no more moral authority over you."

>There was a little picture in the newspaper showing the governor proclaiming that he raised a million from the state funds to build shelters for the homeless. But in his back you see the building contractor and that is his brother. Later when the elections are held, somebody vows to better the lives of the poor and you remember the only people who will be better off are him and his family. So you decide not to vote for him and his plans.

Ribesal is a known servitor to Kobal, who gained the word Satire recently. His work is mainly to denounce all authorities and respected people. Therefore he uses songs, poetry, caricature and performances all to reduce the respect people have for their leaders and societies. A special "friend" of Riebesal are the churches, which he constantly harrass. As the people laugh at the church, they loose the confidence to the church beeing a institution of moral authority.

DISCLAIMER: I want not to say that satire and caricature is bad or demonic. If there is none you are living in a very oppressed society. But I want just show you how this could become a fine tool for the more subtle demons.

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