Lilim of Gluttony

(Created by: Dorothy Bixler <>)

Hi everybody, just dropping this by so that you don't think that I'm Donald's (Oops da Ogre) imaginary spouse. This is something that I've been working on for a while now. I just thought I'd share it with the list.

"Go on, Honey, have another cookie."

Corporeal Forces: 2 (Strength 3, Agility 5)
Ethereal Forces: 3 (Intelligence 5, Precision 7)
Celestial Forces: 4 (Will 6, Perception 10)

Body Hits:12, Mind Hits: 15, Soul Hits: 24
Role (Homemaker)/2, Status/2, Vessel/2, Charisma +2


Lilim of Gluttony, Consume


Celestial song of Charm/4


Lying/3, Cooking/5, Seduction/2


5 Class 2/ Level 1 children (3 forces each)

Description: Straight brown hair past shoulders, usually in a bun. Blue eyes. Round face and slightly plump build. Apparant age is early thirties.

Aunt Marti, as she's known to her friends, is one of the most unimposing demons a character is likely to meet. In fact, if you didn't know better, you might think that she was working for the Archangel of Children, Christopher. She does what she can to make them happy.

Martizhalan is a relatively new demon. She was special made for Haagenti. Once she had proven her loyalty, she asked to be allowed to come to earth to better serve the Word of Gluttony. In order to do this, she has set herself up as Martha Juniper, a suburban widow. She rapidly gained the reputation around the neighborhood as the "cookie lady"- a really sweet woman who's house the kids all stop by after school for snacks. (As a matter of fact, it is Marti's aspiration to be given the Word "Cookies".) The most loyal five of these children became her flock of servants, although she would never ask them to do anthing that would put her kids in direct danger. While there servants aren't particularly powerful, they all, of course, are growing up under her infernal influence.

Marti is extremely loyal to Haagenti. She gets along well with most other demons as long as they don't hurt her kids or bring unwanted attention to her quiet little operation.

She's not much of a fighter, but she's likely to sneak right past the other side's radar.

Well, back to the shadows with me...

Dotti B.

*Dorothy Michelle Bixler**

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