Lilim of Fire

Demon of Righteous Anger

Created by: Peter Frederick <> for Fires Bright - Fires Dark

"Feel your Anger flow through you. Now you will feel the full power of the Force."

Belial is not usually interested in emotion. Physical Fire has so much power to captivate that one hardly needs to go past it, but sometimes you get a Servitor who won't leave it alone and does such good work you have to recognise her. Such a Servitor was a Lil called Merq.

Merq was used in a number of boring lowly assignments early in her career. Sat in a plain vessel watching Angels and Soldiers of God, but ordered not to do anything but watch. After a few of these assignments she got bored and started scanning her targets to see what their desires where. She found that many of them had very strong desires, especially the warriors.

With a little bit of investigation Merq found that many people (and some Angels and Soldiers of God) have a tendancy to become so convinced of the rightness of their causes that they can be easily tempted to actions they would normally consider wrong. It became simple enough to arrange for a few basic Servants of Darkness to be fed to a Soldier of God and with a bit of practise Merq started piling up Geasa on a wide variety of Divine agents.

Being an intelligent Lil, and a good trader, she quickly traded her flow of Geasa into a useful position with Belial, a lessening of the restrictions on her and eventually her Word. Merq has a long term plan to be free of all her chains, but at the moment is having too good a time getting and trading geasa. Merq has gathered a small number of Servitors, most of them Lil like her, but a few Balseraphs and Habbalah as well.

Dissonance - Merq knows that her position relies on the fact that she has access to a valuable commodity: Geasa, particularly those on the "virtuous", and so she needs to keep people acting through Righteous Anger so her Lilim can bind them in new geasa. She requires that her Servitors prompt someone to act thoughtlessly or carelessly through Righteous Anger once every number of days equal to the Servitor's Celestial Forces.

Attunement - Merq's Servitors can with a Perception Roll identify the Righteous. That is, they can identify those who feel secure in the knowledge that what they do is right.


For One Essence - Kill an Innocent while consumed by Righteous Anger.
For One Essence - Goad someone into committing an act more ignoble than any they have commited before.


Base Chance - 1. "Hey I've got a business to run here."

+1 a copy of Mein Kampf.
+2 a racist letter clipped from a major newspaper.
+3 a banner once carried by a neo nazi mob.
+4 the ashes of an unjustly burnt witch.

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