Gray Lilim of Freedom (Lilith)

Forces: 9

Corporeal 3  Strength     6  Agility     6  Dissonance 0
Ethereal  3  Intelligence 5  Precision   7  Mind Hits 15
Celestial 3  Will         6  Perception  6  Soul Hits 18


Human/1: Charisma/1, Sex Appeal/2, Body Hits 24
Cat/1: Body Hits 24

Both are female; the Cat is polydactyle, having "extra thumbs" which (unlike the average polydactyle cat's) are actually functional and opposable, working rather like mittens. This lets her pick up a pencil, for instance, and push buttons (type, dial a phone, etc.). It's also speech-capable, as most animal vessels are.

The human is "Body by Andre," probably...

Attunements: None


9 Geasa, of at least level 3 each. (May be more -- see story.)


Detect Lies/1, Dodge/1, Fast-Talk/1, Lockpicking/1, Lying/1, Move Silently/1, Savoir-Faire/1, Seduction/2


Attraction (Ethereal)/1, Charm (Celestial)/1, Entropy (Corporeal)/1, Form (Ethereal)/1 , Harmony (Ethereal)/1, Healing (Corporeal)/1, (Ethereal)/1, (Celestial)/1, Light (Ethereal)/1, Motion (Ethereal)/1, (Celestial)/1, Shields (Corporeal)/1, (Ethereal)/1, (Celestial)/1, Tongues (Corporeal)/1, Numinous Corpus (Claws)/1, Numinous Corpus (Wings)/1


Forces: 9
Total Points: 36
Songs: 17
Skills: 9
Vessels: 10

If I mangled the hebrew correctly, Urilebana's name means, "Light of the Moon" or "Moonfire." (From Lebana or Levana, "Moon" and Uriel, "Light/Fire of God," and El generally seeming to mean "God.") She thinks her name is cumbersome and out-dated, and will use her current human alias (whatever that may be) in preference to it. Seraphim of Destiny (Yves) will know her True Name, though, and probably use it at her.

She's a proto-Free Lilim, and has not bound herself to anyone (which means that she's technically "serving" Freedom, since she's still got Geasa to Lilith), and thus has no Attunements or Distinctions. She has accepted the Rites and Dissonance conditions of Freedom.

Urilebana, for various reasons, is not too fond of the side of the Demons (except Mom, of course, but Lilith isn't strictly a demon anyway); this makes her a target for Asmodeus' lot, though she has no dissonance. Unfortunately for her, she's too jealous of her future freedom to willingly bind herself to anyone, even an Archangel. This makes it a bit difficult to seek Redemption. (Which she feels no need for anyway, at this time.) This neutrality -- selfishness of her own freedom co-existing with desire to help others (such as mortals) gain and maintain freedom as well -- is why I term her a "gray" Lilim. (I.e., "I'm only Renegade if they catch me.")

For various reasons, she managed to make a pact with her Mother to keep her Geasa out of the hands of certain of the Demon Princes -- Asmodeus, Baal, Beleth, Kronos, and Saminga in particular. This likely involved raising some or all of her Geasa to Lilith to Geas/6's instead of Geas/3's. (My version of this character has 9 Geas/6's -- one of which was recently purchased by the Archangel of Lightning (!!) so that she's now a Free Lilim in service to Lightning for the year.)

She's Song-heavy, with pathetic levels, because she's been intending to vanish into humanity for quite a while now -- she figured that she could get better with Songs on her own time, but once she cut loose, she'd lose access to Songs. Her skills suggest that she's worked for at least Lust (Andrealphus) and Theft (Valefor) in the past.

Urilebana is perfectly happy to work with angels, even binding herself with Geasa for limited periods of time in exchange for bennies. Depending on how fairly she's dealt with, she'll bind for longer durations. (If it's a case of "bind or croak," she'll bind for a short time and leave town. If she's treated as an ally and offered assistance, Songs, or other bennies, she might start out doing Geas/3's and work her way up to Geas/4 or higher at a time.)

She's not as thrilled about working with demons, but will probably have to, due to some of those Geasa; hopefully, none of them will get enough of a clue to try to turn her in to Asmodeus' crowd. If they do, then hopefully Lilith would bestir herself -- so long as Urilebana doesn't try to avoid a Geas, she's being a good little Lilim, working towards her freedom and neutrality, right? So abusing her might be a bad idea in the long run. (Whether a demon will think of that is unknown. Urilebana will point it out if she gets a chance. Of course, she doesn't necessarily know her own Mother's opinion, either.)

My conception of her personality is that her actions are mostly angelic (she's seen the souls imprisoned in Hell, and figures that if they've got a better deal up in Heaven, they should have a chance to choose that), but she's fanatically paranoid about her personal freedom -- it's her dream to be a Truly Free Lilim, and the idea of binding herself to a Superior is automatically rejected.

She could also be played as a proto-bright Lilim, who would become more interested in seeking Redemption as she associated with angels and got certain misconceptions cleared up (feel free to take the basic personalities of the various Archangels, exaggerate them for worst effect, and say that's what she's heard...) -- or as a not-yet-free Lilim who will slowly rid herself of her silly ideals about freedom for others and take the more standard demonic "Look out for yourself and only yourself" attitude as her illusions are shattered.

(Or perhaps she could be the Plot Device to send Destiny and Fate after, with the primary goal to have her bind herself to the PC's Superior (or at least side), and the secondary goal to kill her if she doesn't... Watch out it doesn't backfire, and drive her to the other side! For her part, Uri just wants to be politically neutral (fat chance), and will scheme towards that end.)

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