Azima, Duchess of Adultery

(Created by: Marco Lambert <> )

Once upon a time, Andrealphus asked Lilith to make one special Lilim for him, one he could regard as a true follower of his word. Happily she agreed and gained therefor a little favor from him. Azima the Lilim was created most skillful and Lilith took pride in her work. Azima then became one of the foremost servitors of Andre. In almost no time she reached the distinction of Baroness and her specialty/word was "seduction". In this proficiency she reached a capability previously unheard of. But this what not enough for her and so she decided to ask Lilith if she should free herself from the, until then amiable, service to Andre. But Lilith had a better idea. She turned in her old favor with Andrealphus for her beloved Azima and also did some political manouvering, getting by the end a new kind of agreement out of two Demonprinces and therefore giving demons in the future more posibilities to choose their way.

Azima was allowed to get in the service of Malphas, whom she involuntarily had helped already a lot of times with her work. Now she started to do it by the book and took a new word of "jealousy", which she was very capable to spread out in the world. Here she also needed only a century or two to raise at the Baroness Level in the Service of Malphas. Now, with her basic education fullfiled, the plan of Lilith worked out. Azima wanted to be a full Princess. She seduced both of her former Masters to grant her more freedom and even an independent status. Therefore she combined her two previous words to her new word of "Adultry".

This means for her: breaking emotional bonds of Love and Trust between two or more people by the use of seduction of at least one of these people and eventually revealing this action to another person. The two princes did not support her bid for her own princedom, because her word is too close related to theirs, but they agreed to give her independence and the unique rank of Duchess, including a part of their servitors for her own use. All this has to be confirmed by the infernal bureaucracy, what could take at least another five hundred years.

At our days Azima is very busy to spread her word between the humans and as anybody can see she is very succsessfull. She gained even a little bit of attention from Lucifer, who thinks that this part of the 10 commandments was too long overlooked by the lazy princes. So if she get more sucesses there is a strong possibility she may gain later full princess status -- well, surely only if a final investigation by Asmodeus shows nothing suspicious.


Well, all distinctions, servitor attunements and the Lilim of... attunements from Malphas and Andrealphus. She has also some of the other band attunements from this two princes, perhaps even some which refer to another band resonance. Also she gained the "Vampiric Kiss" attunement from Saminga, trading in the geas that she delivers to him all the souls she gains through any suicidal deaths directly related to her doing. For example, abandoned and disappointed lovers and so on. She started to develop her own attunements reffered below.


She has the Discord of "lustful" at a high level. Also some geasa are still working, especially the one already referred to Saminga and also one to each of her former princes: Not to do anything against them. (Which leaves in her opinion much room for interpretation). She also has to live according to the dissonance of both words and now even to the third she developed for herself.


Every week follower of Azima have to seek out a known happy couple and try to break them up ASAP. They have atleast to try it 3 times before they can quit and therefore collect dissonance. This Dissonance will be removed, if the adultry is later successfully commited.



With their resonance they force a kind of paranoia on their victim, who will then misinterpret everything regarding their partner in a jealous way, as if he would deceive them. This remains for "check digit" hours. *

Djinn: *

Calabim: *


For their resonance they gain also the emotions of Lust and Jealousy and for this two they have a automatic succsess whithout the need to role. *


Their Vessel get the full 3 levels of charisma and the seduction skill at 3 without paying for it. *

Shedim: *

Impudities: *

*: At the moment she still develops this band's attunements. Most of the time she just gives one from the words Lust and Factions to her servitors, who were anyhow mostly in the service of Malphas and Andre before. This Sevitors have to take the respective dissonance also!



Choose one person as the victim. First make a perception role to perceive the dream-man / -woman for that victim. The Check digit says how detailed this knowledge is. For example including favourite dishes and drinks and not just the appearance. Then make a will role to change the own appearance to match this dream-person. Higher Check digits result in also changed manners, style attitude and so on. Spending one Essence makes any of these rols a automatic succsess with a check digit of 6.


Knight of good manners:

This power allows the demon to cover up a social misbehavior, so it will be soon forgiven and forgotten. (This includes not beeing cut from high society in spite of some scandals, but helps not in case of a criminal act like murder).

Captain of Painseeking:

With a perception role it is possible to detect the best and fastest way to destroy trust and to raise suspicion and jealousy in the choosen group of persons. The Check digit dive the detail of knowledge and how fast the goal can be achieved.


(no ranking at this level)


Allied: Malphas, Andrealphus, Lilith (to some degree)
Associated: Nybbas, Kobal
Hostile: Baal, Haagenti
Enemy: Saminga (This has changed from before and is mostly out of influence from the Allies)




She is very busy to help all of her servitors, because she wants to further her word as fast as possible, also need not as much time at the moment in hell and has not as much servitors. Also for bigger help she put a geas on the summoner like any other Lilim would do.


+1: Having red hair.
+2: A tabloid newspaper with a lot of social rumors.
+3: Having compromising pictures of someone.
+4: A divorce certificate with the reason adultry or a broken wedding ring for the same reason.
+5: Ruin a person by publishing an adultry.
+6: Destroy a complete family (at least 10 persons now bloody enemies or 1 - 2 suicides) because of a scandal.

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