Bazur, Prince of Bureaucracy

by David

Everyone has heard the phrase "the devil is in the details" right? Well for Bazur, Demon Prince of Bureaucracy, this is more than just a silly quote. Next to Factions, Satan's most favored child, in my game this prince has the most clout.


It is dissonant for a demon to take the most direct course possible. (Obviously an Ophanim tailing one of these fellows would go slightly insane) Alternate delays include filing of paperwork. In effect, if a demon has 15 minutes to diffuse a bomb, they have 10 minutes as they lose five to getting supplies or filling out proper demonic forms.



These are the experts at hiding those "extra clauses" in a contract. They counter the distinction of Marc in contracts they write up. They have +3 fast talk in hiding things from other individuals.


These Djinn are so attuned to their object of choice, that if someone begins a search for the object through bureaucratic levels, they can sense it. For example, if someone requests the criminal record said individual, then there is a chance of the Djinn being aware.


These wanton destroyers excel at finding the inherent bias in an existing system. Thus, they commit horrendous atrocities while still within the rules. They may add their Ethereal Forces to any roll to work within the gray areas of the rules. They gain no benefit when directly breaking code.


These are the resource allocators. Whenever someone is afraid to stand against the law from above, worried they will lose that office or whatever, a Habbalah is lurking somewhere. They excel at punishing those who fight the good fight. With a check, they know what society gives the target that they most want, and an idea of how to get the system to disqualify them for such things.


After watching a group of coworkers, they can tell who is most disgruntled by the status quo, and what buttons to push to make them buck against it. Many postal workers have ended up with automatic weapons after a talk with these demons.


These demons like to pair up and take over 6 customer service agents in an organization. Redirecting to another department just to be told to go back is there favorite game. When in an office setting, a Shedim may control 3, not 2 human hosts at once, as long as they are not figures of high authority.


These greedy demons have the ability to milk the system for all its worth. If they can get in touch with someone in charge of distribution, they can con their way into CD + Essence x100 dollars worth in supplies. If a demon does this more than twice a week, they must be wary, as it may catch up to them.


Information Roadblock

Bazur's children have the ability to cover their actions in paperwork or otherwise. Any attempt to intercept an action of theirs has a +2 difficulty, as word of mouth leads to conflicting results.


With this attunement, police, fire rescue, or any other emergency vehicle's arrival can be delayed. The period is the result of the CD + Essence x5 minutes. This does not have an effect on in-building security, only the external agencies.


Knight of Filibustering

Any paperwork or computer files kept on this demon by any non-celestial will disappear with a successful check, filed in the wrong folder or such.

Captain of Proper Channels

With a successful check, reception of an object they see sent can be delayed by CD number of hours/days/weeks depending on what is most logical.

Baron of Records

These demons can will an object they know is in transit to be sent to themselves instead. The parcel will then be marked as lost by the carrier, signature be recipient somehow forgotten.


GM's choice.



(Kind of hard to get him...I wonder why.)


+1 An "Out To Lunch" sign
+2 Filling out the short Summon Prince form (1 hour)
+3 A memorandum no less than 10 pages
+4 Causing a fight at the DMV or similar institution
+5 Filling out the extended Summon Prince form (4 hours)
+6 An original legal/political document of import (Constitutional bills and such)

OK, well that is my little bundle of nasty. Knowing how he works, you may understand why the Dark Lord favors him so. If the other princes get around the squabbling instigated be the Prince of Factions, then Bazur can stall any real action by centuries.

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