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By Julian Breen (jules@bigjules.demon.co.uk)


Just a little something inspired by the IPG...


Prince of Corruption

The world izzz corrupt. Rotten to the core <zzzz>.

Not many demons remember the true name of he now known as Beelzebub. He was originally a Hellborne servant of War who began to rise to prominence shortly after the Fall. A commander of legions, he quickly became known for his efficiency. As a Djinn, he came to have a morbid fascination with the after effects of his own handiwork. He would remain with his soldiers in the field long after the battle. Yet whilst they looted and butchered, he was attentive to the servants of Death and their rituals with the slain. He watched with fascination, and soon grew to admire Lord Saminga much more than his own Prince. His 'unhealthy' interests were immortalized by Kobal who one day at a meeting of Hell's aristocracy and their entourages, mockingly greeted him as 'Prince Beelzebub; Lord of the Flies', a metaphor for his leadership of Baal's troops. The name stuck like a fly to flypaper. Even Kronos smiled, exchanging glances with Lucifer.

It was in the battles with Legion that Beelzebub was relieved of his command by Baal when errors of judgement (?) caused him to commit too many troops to an impossible situation. Facing a court martial and his own imminent death, Saminga entered the scene. Remembering the fact that Beelzebub had been instrumental in furthering the Word of Death (and perhaps more importantly, that Beelzebub was a great admirer of his), Saminga bartered a reprieve for him and took him into his service. Not before Baal had punished Beelzebub with Discord however. Saminga taught Beelzebub much about the physical processes following death and this pleased the Djinn greatly. Saminga of course, continued to wallow in the undivided attention and praise that his new servant lavished upon him, but he was always careful never to give *too* much away. When eventually, with Saminga's blessing, Beelzebub petitioned Lucifer for the word of Decay, he was crestfallen when the Dark Lord denied him. Lucifer had other plans. The Word of Corruption had been left vacant with the eventual defeat of Legion, and Lucifer wanted it filled with someone less... subversive (or imaginative). Beelzebub was offered it, and readily accepted.

His continued existance as a minor Prince of Hell has mainly been because of his failure to plomb his Word for it's true worth. This is not because Beelzebub is stupid (like Saminga), but merely because he is insanely preoccupied with what *he* thinks it encompasses. Recently, groups of his servitors have been enlightening their Master as to how to best capitalize upon his Word by forging alliances and making entreaties to Princes sharing similar goals. Beelzebub has proved fairly oblivious to this and has left it to his more 'trusted' servitors to establish. Beelzebub's Balseraphs for example, have had dealings with Alaemon, and his Impudites have been showing an affinity toward Andre. If you listen to the Balseraphs, they'll tell you proudly that it is their efforts that have brought the Word of Corruption into the Twentieth Century.

The Game of course, watches closely. They do not want any repeat of the Legion affair taking place, and watch Beelzebub's camp for any signs of insurgency. They would likely 'purge' any servitors of corruption that looked capable of ousting their prince. Asmodeus has no real objection to Beelzebub gaining power from a stronger Word, because he does not believe him capable of abusing such power, but an ambitious, more stable servitor..? This is to be avoided.

The slight made by Kobal is still not forgotten... Beelzebub is a Djinn after all and they have notoriously long memories, but it's a blurred memory and the outrage felt at his mocking epithet has lessened. It is, in fact, largely responsible for defining him as he is today, although the Prince of Corruption would not admit to that or, as is more likely, even recognise the fact. Amongst the rulers of Hell, Beelzebub bears a special emnity toward Belial, whose nature is opposed to the slow decay that the Prince of Corruption personifies.

Beelzebub makes his home in Shal Mari, his playground. He feels at home anywhere within this sin- ridden city from its uptown plazas to its downtown shanties. He holds court wherever his fancy takes him. His servitors will always know where.

His celestial form has a nightmarish appearence. Large multi-faceted eyes, course patches of hair upon his putrid skin, tattered regal robes, and a stench that exceeds that of the River Acheron. He has become a caricature of his own Word (Kobal loves this; Beelzebub even resonates his "s" 's when speaking! This may well be something of the discordant aura placed upon him by Lord Baal so long ago.). His corporeal vessels will generally always be noticeably shabby and unkempt; winos or transients for example, and always, *always*, accompanied by their attendant flies.


It is dissonant for servitors of Beelzebub to advertently or inadvertently expose corruption. It should be allowed to fester, unhindered, and this usually entails keeping it hidden.


The Balseraphs of corruption enjoy roles that hold positions of trust. Churchmen; civic officials; politicians through to police, such roles are prized by the deceivers for the opportunities they provide to abuse their status.

Like servants of Asmodeus, they gain 12 extra character points to spend on such a role and associated skills.


Dijnn of corruption can attune to Soldiers of Hell automatically, and their check is considered to be a 6. This attunement does not count toward their total allowable.


Calabites of corruption are often uncharacteristically patient for their Band. This is because they understand that the forces of entropy, given time, will break anything down.

They can use their resonance gradually, with a total effect of greater damage over a longer time. The resultant damage is equal to the relevant forces plus double the check digit. 1 point of damage will be inflicted at the time increments shown below, until full damage is arrived at. Note that damage to the Symphony in this way is insidious. It is so faint as to be undetectable to the majority of celestials.

Check digit; <pre> 1...per 10 mins 2...per hour 3...per 12 hours 4...per day 5...per week 6...per Month </pre>

The victim *will* be aware that they are being damaged, yet it may often take two to three points of damage before realising that something serious is wrong. On a check of 6, the damage will be so severe that only the very best care or a Song of Healing can repair or arrest it. This resonance might manifest as cancer, dry rot, computer virus etc.


Habbalah can hear dissonance (the beginnings of corruption) in a target with a successful Per roll. The penalty to the roll is equal to the highest check digit that the Habbalah hopes to attain.

1 You can hear dissonance if present

2 You can also hear how many notes

3 You can sense vaguely why it's there; Disobeyed a superior, broke rules of own choir/band etc

4 You can tell how the target feels about it. Worried, angry, nonchalant...

5 ...And whether or not they are taking action to correct it

6 You know all of the above and the exact reasons for any of the notes.


Once a victim fails his Will roll to resist the Lilim's wish, subsequent favours become 'easier' for the victim to accept. It's a spiralling down into corruption; "Ok, Ok, but look; this is definitely the last time that I'm doing this...Understand?". Subsequent Will rolls by that victim are made at -1 per favour done for them, up to a max of -6! If a victim ever makes such a Will roll, all penalties accrued so far are negated.


These corruptors are especially good at their job. Too good in fact in the case of Legion.

When using their expanded resonance on a victim (IPG pg 57), the length of time taken to achieve the highest check digit is measured in minutes instead of hours.


An Impudite of corruption may add their ethereal forces to any attempt to steal essence from a charmed victim if they can first convince that person to perform a corrupt act.

Servitor Attunements

Window to the Soul

This attunement allows the demon to recognise the corrupted. For 2 essence, the attunement will tell the demon whether or not his subject is a Fallen Angel, an Undead, or a Soldier of Hell. Or at the referee's discretion, whether or not a mortal is currently fated for Hell. This attunement will not tell the demon if the target is Hellborne. Such a soul was never pure to begin with.


Knight of Decomposition

These demons know exactly how long something has been dead or destroyed for.

Captain of Putrescence

A servitor of this rank is able to detect undead and exactly which type, within a number of yards equal to their celestial forces.

Baron of Degredation

With a touch, these Barons know which, if any, sins appeal to a human.


Allied: Saminga

Associated: Alaemon, Andrealphus

Hostile: Kobal

Enemy: Belial

Basic Rites

- Traverse a sewer system for 4 hours

- Destroy one who once served Purity (+2 Essence)

Chance of Invocation: 1

Invocation Modifiers

+1 A virused computer disk

+2 A site of squallor or decay

+3 A flyblown corpse

+4 The Watergate Tapes

+5 The *Next* Watergate Tapes

+6 The Boardroom of The Majestic 12

-- Julian jules@bigjules.demon.co.uk


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