David, Demon Prince of Guys

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Once the original humans were banished from Eden, they began to act in distinctly different ways. As soon as it became evident that these differences ran along the gender line, a Djinn of Factions seized an opportunity that would very soon become his word...


It is against the nature of the servitors of Guys to lift a finger to help around the house. Heaven forbid they even offer to make to the bed once in awhile! Jeez...just just ONCE maybe they could put the lid down?!? And on their anniversary, maybe some flowers or a night out? And do they have to spend every waking moment on front of the damned TV or out with their shiftless idiot friends?!?! Yes. They do.


Guys' demons are all overly macho, but each band encourages specific, stereotypical "guy" behavior.


The best liars in Hell practically flock to serve Dave. It is with him that they may practice their Art. Balseraphs of Guys are dogs. Any lie they tell a woman, no matter how flawed and illogical will always pass muster on inspection.


It is said that Guys have only one thing on their mind. True. Djinn of Guys are no exception. In fact they fixate exclusively one one thing. It is that thing which consumes them, and dictates (no pun) their every action. Some may see it as a limitation, but the djinn are quite proud of their singular attunements.


This band represents the Tim Taylors of the world. They love to fix things. Their philosophy is: If it ain't broke, I can still make it BETTER! Inevitably they will break whatever they try to fix, but only because on the inferior quality of the (pick one) [Tools, materials, help, environment, support his girlfriend/wife gives him].


Their poor infernal minds deluded, they believe themselves to be angels. In fact, the Habbalah of Guys belive that they are, in fact, God's Gift to Women.


There are exactly ZERO lilim of Guys. The Servitors of Guys, however, are in centuries of debt to the Lilim of Andre, Haagenti, and Nybbas.


The Corruptors of Guys are pitied by all other bands of Guys. They represent the lowest that Guys can possibly go. They urge their host to lower and more base actions every day. First it may be an inappropriate passing of wind. Next, they may forget their anniversary. Finally these lowlifes will dog their ponies into adulterous affairs. Sheesh. The Shedim of Guys need not actually possess a guy or be in the vicintiy for their resonance to work. Heck, they don't even have to consciously will it!


For better or worse (as is often the case) everyone loves these demons of Guys. As horrible as their actions may be, as empty as their promises are, and as hollow, selfish, and shallow...Oooh. Are those flowers?? You shouldn't have!


Trivial Pursuit

One thing. Football, baseball, boats, cameras, computers, roleplaying games. Give a guy a hobby and he is instantly an expert. David's demons are the Foremost Authority in any one area. As the attunement's name implies, the area is usually trivial. It will never put dinner on the table or impress one's mother-in-law.

Pull My Finger

Stunned for rounds = Corporeal Forces x Essence spent. Need we say more?


The Monday Knight of Quarterbacks

Servitors with this distinction can make judgements better than any so called "authority figure" could, even if the demon had not physically been right there, in the middle of the action.

Captain of the Tidy Bowl

Demons of this rank can comandeer the use of a room by stating, "This is My house, and I can use this room whenever I like!" They always leave the room in a fouler condition then when they found it. This ability extend to rooms outside of their own property.

Baron of Babes

With a simple gesture (a snap, a wink, or puppy-dog eyes), the demon can make all the single women in a room flock to his side. Married women may resist with a Will roll. It doesn't matter though, cause the demon knows that married or not, they still want him.


Allied: Haagenti
Associated: Andrealphus, Kobal, Nybbas
Hostile: Asmodeus, Kronos
Enemy: No one




+1 A six pack
+2 A dirty magazine
+3 Get out of going out with your girlfriend/wife so you can go out with your friends.
+4 If he can bring along a couple of *his* friends
+5 Monday night, football season, and *you* have a big screen TV.
+6 Make a date with a woman who would never normally go out with you.
+10 ...Score with her.

Scott --
Mercurian of Flowers,
Angel of Chilling Out.

Someone else can do the Archangel of Babes... 0:-)

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