Jadis, Demon Princess of Winter

Adapted by: Austin George Loomis <aloomis@whale.st.usm.edu>

Well, here I go again, with apologies as before to perhaps the greatest Christian fantasist of this century. Since nobody's said they want the info on Screwtape as a Prince, I'm not doing it -- but another of C.S. Lewis' demonic characters suggested herself in Superior terms...

Jadis, Demon Princess of Winter

"The world is a cold and lonely place. Only those with hearts of ice will survive."

Almost any Lilim might someday find her way to the Enemy, but not Jadis. After an unhappy term of service under Belial, she set about becoming the opposite of the Prince of Fire. In taking Winter as her Word, she hardened her heart to any risk of Redemption. Ironically, in making herself Belial's opposite, she has become his reflection as well.

Her vessel, when she deigns to enter the corporeal realm, is tall and slender, with that heart-stopping Lilim beauty, dressed in white, herself pale as snow from toe to hair save for blood-colored lips. Like the Prince of Fire, she is stylish in the utmost, but unlike him, she'd never be so gauche as to wear an *obvious* weapon with her good dress.

Superficially, Jadis is in personality a typical Lilim like many another, outgoing and friendly, bestowing favors on those who serve her. Any prolonged time in her presence, however, quickly reveals this as a facade barely concealing her true coldness. Moreover, those who openly cross her are "privileged" to see her rages, harsh and destructive as a blizzard in the Arctic. This dual nature reflects her view of what "winter" is about -- by turns numbing and shattering.


Jadis' Servitors gain dissonance if they allow their emotions, especially sympathy, to sway colder judgment. The exception is anger. A Servitor of Winter who finds himself in thegrip of anger must make a Will roll, as if he had the Discord of Angry/ Ethereal Forces, to avoid giving in to it. If he *fails* the roll and succumbs to a towering rage, he gains *no* dissonance from the emotion; if he *succeeds* in swallowing his wrath, the dissonance is *doubled.*


Balseraphs -

With a touch, Winter's Liars can instantly freeze anything weighing up to ten times their total Forces in pounds. It doesn't get cold enough that it would shatter if struck, but it will be too cold for anyone not in Winter's service to hold comfortably. The effect lasts for the Balseraph's Ethereal Forces in minutes before the object starts to regain heat.

Djinn -

The Djinn of Jadis never become obsessed with objects they are attuned to, and can, with a Will roll, impose their own apathy on an attuned person for a number of hours equal to the successful check digit.

Calabim -

A Calabite of Winter adds his Corporeal Forces and the stronger of his other Forces to the check digit of a successful resonance roll. If he uses his Ethereal Forces, the target freezes from within; if the Celestial Forces are stronger, the target petrifies as if David's Cold Touch attunement were being used on it, only more slowly.

Habbalah -

Habbalah of Winter do not suffer backlash from emptiness unless they absorb it, though if they do so, they still risk redemption on the subsequent dissonance roll. l.

Lilim -

Winter's Lilim add their Ethereal Forces to any attempt to Geas a victim into an act of betrayal.

Shedim -

A Shedite of Jadis may hold his host at a constant level of corruption, but each day's cruelty must still be in some way different from the day before, involving some evil act the victim hasn't yet done, or dissonance will be gained.

Impudites -

An Impudite of Jadis adds his Ethereal Forces to any Resonance attempt made in the presence of ice, snow, or other frozen water within (total Forces) feet.


Heart of Ice

Demons with this attunement are immune to cold down to -40 degrees F. In fact, in such conditions, they can recover up to their Corporeal Forces in Body hits.

Killing Frost

The demon may freeze anything within (6 + Ethereal Forces) feet of his vessel. This power costs 2 Essence, and does 1d damage, for every round it is maintained.

Winter's Chill

For 7 Essence, the demon with this attunement may call down a blizzard lasting (Ethereal Forces) hours.


Knight of the Snows -

The demon knows the ambient temperature, and that of anything else within eyesight, to the nearest degree. This effectively functions as infrared vision.

Captain of the Blizzard -

The Captain may make the palm of his hand as cold as ice (32 degrees F). This is just a touch effect, and not a weapon, but the cold carries over into anything the demon touches. Also, the Captain faces no vision penalties through snow or hail.

Baron of the Frozen Wastes -

Demons of this rank are immune to all cold down to about 3 kelvins. With a touch, they may grant anyone else this same immunity for (Ethereal Forces) minutes.


Allied: Kronos (Neutral)
Associated: Andrealphus (Allied), Haagenti (Neutral), Kobal (Associated), Valefor (Associated)
Neutral: Asmodeus (Hostile)
Hostile: Vapula (Neutral)
Enemy: Belial (Hostile)




+1 -- an ice cube
+2 -- a block of ice the size of a human head
+3 -- in an icehouse
+4 -- a tank of liquid nitrogen
+5 -- atop a snow-capped mountain
+6 -- at the North or South Pole



On the opposite side of Hell from Sheol is the Pit's tallest, coldest mountain. At its peak, from her fortress of Caer Parafel (pronounced Kire [rhymes with fire] Paravel), Jadis rules over the frozen slopes all the way to ground level and for several miles round. Within the bounds of her Principality, which shares her citadel's name, all demons serving her are immune to the perpetual winter she enforces.

Human spirits are trapped in the ice, slowly freezing to the feeling of death, watching themselves fall apart from frostbite. Only by giving up their day's Essence can they buy any warmth.

And there she is. Any questions? Any answers? Anyone for a mint?

Austin George "Bouquets, brickbats, sixteen-ton weights?" Loomis

Jadis, as presented here, is inspired by the character of the same name appearing in _The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe_ by C.S. Lewis, which is &copy; C.S. Lewis, Pty., Ltd.

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