Leviathan, Prince of Pain

(Created by: Andrew Getting <kestre1@airmail.net> )

The world is in pain. All is as it should be.

Leviathan was the Prince in charge of retrieving Forces from the dead souls of Hell. His minions, the Cenobites, continue onward in their master's absence.

Leviathan was a Habbalite, and delighted (in his cold way) in the terror and agony he put his charges through. He appeared as a gigantic, floating sliver of beauteous machinery floating over the mazes of Stygia, though he decided that all his servants would bear the Habbalite appearance as well as their own (and, after gaining a point of Discord, this extends to mortal vessels as well). He was a great and mighty power in Hell.


Nearly a decade ago, two Soldiers of God infiltrated Hell and used one of Leviathan's own devices to render him inert. The Cenobites' main duty, apart from gathering and punishing souls, is now to restore their prince to his former power. Some few are beginning to offer services to other Demon Princes as well.


The Cenobites gain dissonance for abandoning one of their charges. If a mortal soul escapes a Cenobite, the Cenobite will gain dissonance if they can find him but refuse to do so. Mortals who have the misfortune of summoning a Cenobite are considered their charges.



Balseraph Cenobites are in charge of maintaining the mortal servitors of Leviathan, the Order of the Gash. The Order is a global organization, with a handful of members in most major cities. Balseraphs have at least one Servant of the Order (free level 5 human Soldier).


Djinn Cenobites are usually charged with making a handful of people suffer especially - the same people they are attuned to. They gain NO Dissonance for harming the people they are attuned to. If, however, one of his charges escapes, he gains Discord instead of Dissonance (though the Discord will leave if and when he retrieves his wayward pupils).


Calabim Cenobites can, should they so choose, take their time in applying their Resonance towards mortals. They gain 2 Essence for killing a mortal as slowly as possible.


The Habbalah are the favored servants of Leviathan. In addition to holding more status in the eyes of their Superior than another of similar rank, Habbalah can use their Resonance on as many people as they have Celestial Forces at once, but must gain the Dissonance if it fails.


Lilim Cenobites can ignore any Geasa upon them if it interferes with their work for Leviathan. Lilim are generally sent as advance agents to earthly mortals who would deal with Leviathan, and are the mortal's "familiar".


The Shedim Cenobites can enter any mortal vessel that has just died of extreme pain; the soul of the mortal remains in the body as though it were alive, but will die as soon as the Shedim abandons the host.


Impudites, upon being sent to the mortal realm, are given a copy of Lemarchand's Configuration (which can be used to Invoke, as below), with the express demand that it be given to the first mortal that requests it. Impudites gain no Dissonance for mortals who kill themselves or others with the box.


Answering the Call

By spending a point of Essence, the Cenobite can teleport to the nearest mortal who has used the puzzle box. If the mortal has used the box with the express intent to Invoke a Cenobite, the cost is free. All Cenobites who have this attunement will know when a box has been used.

Remaking the Destroyed

Sometimes Cenobites have bad days. If their mortal vessel is destroyed, and they can reach a place where many people have died painfully and recently, they may spend three Essence to make a new vessel in the image of one of those recently killed. If the mortal would have any still-surviving roles and/or Status that the Cenobite is aware of, the Role is maintained afterward. Shedim do not have to spend any Essence to possess a victim killed in this manner.


Note that no Distinctions can be granted whilst Leviathan is inert.

Knight of Hooks

A Cenobite of this distinction is given a potent artifact (not necessarily a hook). This weapon can inflict either Corporeal, Ethereal or Celestial damage, but it costs 2 points of Essence to change the type. It cannot be taken from the Cenobite, and is destroyed if its master is. Its power is equal to half the Forces of its wielder.

Captain of Agony

At this distinction, a Cenobite can spend an hour on a mortal and convert the mortal to a Cenobite of the same Band as the creator. This requires a minimum of eight Essence and either a successful invocation of other Cenobites (who can give the newly-created creature the new Forces necessary), or several hundred dead and tormented humans (who have these Forces ripped from their souls). These new Cenobites will have the memories and general personalities of the souls they were created from, but both are twisted to their new life.

Baron of Violations

As with the Captain distinction, but this may be used on Discordant Angels and Demons, should they have a level 4 or greater Celestial Discord. Most other Demon Princes have no idea that the Cenobites are capable of this, and will openly war on the servitors of Leviathan if they do find out. Consequently, this power is rarely used and rarely given.


The relations in parentheses are how the Demon Prince views Leviathan.
Allied: Asmodeus (Associated), Baal (Allied), Beleth (Allied), Kronos (Associated), Vapula (Allied)
Associated: Andrealphus (Neutral), Haagenti (Associated), Kronos (Neutral), Valefor (Neutral)
Neutral: Belial (Neutral), Nybbas (Neutral)
Hostile: Malphas (Hostile), Saminga (Enemy)
Enemy: Kobal (Neutral)



Chance of Invocation: 1
Note that Invoking Leviathan will actually bring Cenobites; even if Leviathan is healed, this will not change. Mortals who want to talk to Leviathan badly enough will soon enough find themselves in thrall of the Cenobites. Invoking the Cenobites does not count as invoking a Superior for determining false notes in the Symphony.

Invocation Modifiers:

+1 A mortal child torturing a small animal
+2 A pint of human blood
+3 A mortal child torturing another human
+4 A Medieval torture chamber, perfectly preserved.
+5 Solving a puzzle box, a copy of the original Lemarchand Configuration
+6 Solving the original Lemarchand Configuration
+7 A living male descendent of Lemarchand, the man who designed the box (yes, the men in the Merchant family lead very interesting lives)
These bonuses are cumulative, up to two bonuses. Cenobites summoned in this manner will not fight for the summoner unless they are attacked or if they find an escaped charge.

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