Malacoda, Prince of Agony

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Malacoda, Demon Prince of Agony

Malacoda is a very, very special case. He is not a Demon Prince per se, but he is very powerful and very well-known. The only reason Lucifer lets him keep his power is for the same reason he allows Saminga to keep his power-Malacoda does not care about ruling. His sole purpose in demonic unlife is pain, pure and simple.

Malacoda was once the angel of pleasure before the human race was created. He did not like the human race at all. He was forced to redouble his efforts and work constantly to keep them happy, and he grew tired. When Lucifer whispered rebellion in his ear, Malacoda jumped at the chance. He dubbed himself as the Angel of Pain moments before he was kicked out, and still calls himself that sometimes (guess what Band he is. Go ahead. Guess.).

Politics were never his thing. He was granted the status of Demon Prince but all but forgot about it. He was given minions, but left them to sit while he caused as much pain in the newly created Hell as he possibly could. Even on his own minions. Especially on his own minions.

Lucifer was not pleased. He threatened to revoke his demonic status. Malacoda's supposed reply was "Go right ahead." He threatened to utterly destroy him. "Go right ahead. But who will prolong the agony of those spending eternity here? Who will submerge men up to their necks in boiling lava…" and he kept talking. Supposedly, he talked and talked until Lucifer gave in. He told Malacoda that he could drop his responsibilities as a demon prince and even granted Malacoda his own Band.

Thus were born the Malebranche.

Malacoda devoted himself to 2 things after this odd chain of events-the primary of which is (obviously) taking part in the pain and suffering of the doomed souls stuck in Hell and caring for his Band, the Malebranche. More on them later.

Malacoda appears as a huge black-skinned demon with hunched shoulders, enormous wings, and a sinner slung over each shoulder. His name means 'Evil-Tail,' and he hates it when Demon Princes destroy human souls in their realms.


A servitor of Malacoda gets dissonance from abandoning their position as torturers or relieving someone of pain either by stopping the torture or giving them a soul death. If they merely stop the torture, and resume it on the same target later, then the Dissonance goes away.


Malacoda does not have any Bands, other than the Malebranche, as his servants. The Band Attunements of the Malebranche are given in their description (hopefully to be included soon), as they do not serve under any other Princes, ever. Servitors of Malacoda do not make very good PCs.


Love of Pain: Any single attack that does 5 or more points of damage to the Malebranche increases their Strength by one for an hour (this can take it higher than 12).

Shared Pain: For any attack they do with the horrifying pitchforks they carry, they gain hits equal to one-quarter the damage of the attack, rounded down.


Knight of Pain

One of the Knights of Pain experiences pain as pleasure, never taking shock damage.

Captain of Agony

One of Malacoda's Captains of Agony can 'smell' (thus, if their nose is disabled for any reason, they cannot use this ability) all pain within [Perception*10] yards and its cause on a Perception roll if within [Perception] yards.

Baron of Torment

For one Essence, the Barons of Torment can make any successful physical attack do Mind Hits equal to the Check Digit of the attack.


While he tries to stay neutral in demonic politics, preferring to torture mortals instead, he has made an enemy of Saminga due to their slightly conflicting views.


· Torture someone physically or mentally for 24 hours

· Cause someone to willingly sacrifice a friend or loved one to end suffering (+2 Essence)


Malacoda will never, ever come to Earth, unless dragged kicking and screaming (and who would be willing to drag a Demon Prince somewhere he didn't want to go?)


Malacoda does not have his own principality, though he moves from other Demon Princes' Principalities to torture the inhabitants, usually with a squad of the Malebranche following close behind. He only enters Principalities by invitation, and spends much of his time in Belial's realm, helping drown mortals in the fiery lava.


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