Demon Prince of Deception

Created by: Matthias Mueller <MatthiasMueller@CompuServe.COM>

This world is a lie and mankind's only wish is to be deceived.

Tiamanicus is one of the fallen Seraphim. Back in Heaven, he was working for Blandine and developed the strange notion to create a correspondence between the facts of the corporeal world and the ideas of the the ethereal realm. He attempted a fusion of dreamworld and reality into a omnipresent truth, perfect without any contradictions or half-truths.

Inevitably, he failed.

In Hell, he became one of Malpha's minions and rose within the Demon Prince's ranks surprisingly fast. Soon, he was known as the mad demon, even compared to the mindset of the Habbalah. He tried to establish himself as the Demon of Delusion, but stopped when he realized that one of Beleth's demons had already claimed this Word. Yet only a century later, after he managed to retrieve a powerful artifact, the Shattered Eye, he was made a Prince by Lucifer, which came rather unexpected for the other ruling Diabolicals.

Meanwhile he almost exceeds his former mentor, Malphas, in spinning lies, generating general confusion or carving beautiful, intricate mental disturbances in the minds of specially selected humans. However, Malphas still creates the more complex and ambitious schemes, while Tiamanicus' actions are always erratic -- or so they seem to the other Princes and even to most of his Servitors. Both in Hell and on Earth, he manifests as a wide-eyed, somewhat untidy child dressed in bright colors. Nowadays Tiamanicus is very worried because, for some reason known only by himself, he believes Eli to be on his track, going to hunt him down personally.


Tiamanicus' demons are the agents of confusion and uncontrolled change. Every day they have to twist a mortal's view of something important to him, destroy one of his personal convictions or create a new belief in him. The change has to be to the darker side! If they can't establish a deception, they generate one note of dissonance. Missed work can't simply be caught up with, so be eager!


Balseraphs of Deception can twist a mortals outlook on life in a way that makes them see imaginary lies and falsehood. With a successful contest of their Will against their victim's Perception, they can pour Paranoia in its mind, with a level of 1+ spent Essence. If the victim wins the contest, it's safe from the Balseraph's influence for a number of hours equal to the check digit of the successful Perception roll.

Djinn of Deception automatically know if a human they're attuned to is deliberately lying or being lied to.

Tiamanicus' Calabim can blot out any specific thought a human has. With a successful Will roll, any idea expressed or statement made leaves the human's mind for 24 hours. The victim can resist with a successful Will roll, the check digit equals the number of hours the victim's memories are shielded.

After the Balseraphs, Tiamanicus's second most favoured Servitors are the Habbalah. In addition to their resonance, they can create reflections of emotions. The mechanics and the emotional effects are the same, but again mortals can resist Tiamanicus' special power with their Perception. A resisted attempt creates no Dissonance, successful use of the attunment makes the victim believe the target feels the specified emotion for it.

A Lilim of Deception can attempt to betray her victim after she's done it a favour. With a succesful contest of her own Will against the victim's Perception, she can increase the level of the victim's geas by 1. However, this is risky because if the victim wins the contest, the geas vanishes.

Shedim serving Tiamanicus have the fascinating abilitie to possess pictures, portraits or any other image showing an intelligent creature for a number of minutes equal to twice their Celestial Forces. If the portrayed creature is capable of speech, they can talk to humans in front of the picture. They can possess anybody who touches the picture.

Impudites of Deception pretend to have sympathy for the poor human's mental problems. They add their Celestial Forces to their resonance rolls on victims with Ethereal or Celestial Discord. Also, they don't generate dissonance if they somehow trick a human into destroying himself.



For 1 essence, Tiamanicus Servitors can access and influence the perception of a human with a sucessful Will roll. The victim may resist with a Will roll minus the demon's Celestial Forces. This attunment affects all of the victim's senses; the demon can create the most horrifying or wonderful sensations, experienced only by the victim. Hallucination lasts for a number of seconds equal to the demon's Celestial Forces and can be maintained after that for the same amount of time per extra essence spent.


For 3 essence, a demon of Deception can boost a mortal ego to bizarre proportions. The victim may resist with a successful contest of its Perception against the demon's Will. For a number of hours equal to the demon's successful check digit, the victim believes himself to be Mr Wonderful and Prince Charming. Whatever it had in mind when the attunment was used appears to be a project of highest importance by now. The victim will even try to impress others and convince them of its superiority. Any followers it may have won will realize the victim's delusion when the Megalomania ends and leave it. The victim will realize this as well, being depressed for a number of hours equal to the duration of the Megalomania.


Knight of Confusion

By sending out his thoughts, the demon can once a day stun a number of people equal to his Ethereal Forces.

Captain of Mirage

Once a day, the demon can appear to one human as its perfect companion. He adds his Celestial Forces to any use of Emote, Seduction or Fast-Talk.

Baron of Deep Fantasy

Looking into they eyes of his victim, the Baron can detect any Celestial or Ethereal Discord with a Perception roll. If he uses Halluzination, he can tailor the effects to the victim's Discord, raising its level by 1.


Allied: Nybbas, Beleth
Associated: Andrealphus, Kobal, Valefor
Hostile: Baal, Belial
Enemy: Asmodeus




+1 A hologram or 3D-Picture
+2 An advertising banner
+3 In a sold-out movie theater
+4 In a tabloids editorial office
+5 In Disney World
+6 In Hollywood, at the Academy Award ceremony

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