Xexistanai, Prince of Pain

(Created by: John Karakash <johnk@ascc01.ascc.lucent.com>)

No matter where you go in the world, you can find pain. Emotional or physical, no matter what the cause, a servant of Xexistanai will be there . . . smiling.

One of the original Fallen, it is rumored that this former Angel of Pleasure revolted because of the bounds placed on him by his old Word. When Lucifer whispered of the pleasures that could be had in a world without restrictions, he found fertile ground with which to work.

As Hell's torturer supreme, he is sought out by the other princes, but not too often, and only with reluctance. He is known to be a bit indiscriminate about practicing his trade at times. Andrealphus frankly despises him, both for the fact that the Prince of Pain's servants are frequently ugly from self-multilation, and the fact that their Words and methods sometimes conflict. Xexistania and Beleth get along well, however and have collaborated several times.

He considers himself an artist without peer and the other Princes to be mere amateurs (talented at times) to be tolerated. His servants are among the most loyal in Hell since they enjoy their duties as much as their master enjoys his. Those who falter in their devotion quickly find themselves playing a much different role in Xexistanai's next exhibition.


A servitor of Xexistanai must never alleviate pain in any form unless the ultimate goal is to inflict even more by the temporary cessation of agony. A starving man might be given spoiled food, for example. Or a jilted lover's sorrow temporarily soothed, only to betray that person worse than before.



Can sense what lies will cause the person the most pain. On a successful Resonance roll, the Balseraph can inflict Mind hits (with a power of +1) to their victim.


Can tell what any attuned person treasures most and the best way to damage it. For one Essence, the Djinn can transfer the damage from _one_ attack to an attuned person.


Xexistanai has the most controlled Calabim. When they succesfully use their Resonance on a living, feeling creature, the damage inflicted occurs over the course of a number of minutes equal to the damage done (one point of damage per minute).

During this time, the affected creature is at a penalty equal to the Calabim's Celestial forces for _any_ action.


With a Perception roll, the Habbalite knows exactly what to do to cause a person emotional pain. With a successful Resonance roll they can use a new Emotional Effect: Pain. Any specific thing the Habbalah specifies causes the victim anguish in its presence. The victim must make a Will roll _each round_ to voluntarily stay in the presence of the indicated object. This lasts a number of days equal to the check digit of the Resonance roll.


Lilim of Xexistanai can grant a new type of favor: pleasure. The Lilim damages one-sixth of the person's Body hits for each Level of the favor but the victim feels it as pleasure. Each time the addict meets the Lilim again, he must make a Will roll (minus the Level of the last 'favor') or beg for another Favor from her. A successful roll means that addict never has to involuntarily ask another Favor again, but if he does it voluntarily the addiction is reinstated. And each Favor must be at least one level higher than the last. The seventh time automatically kills the victim.


Can _automatically_ possess any human who takes pleasure from pain and use such a Vessel for [Celestial Forces] days without having to increase the 'sin level' each day.


With a successful Perception roll, these Impudites can start rumors that will eventually harm or destroy their chosen victim. For example, they could start a rumor that a certain person was the murderer that the police were looking for and soon many people would believe it, possibly even the police themselves! Any individual person can make a Perception roll to shake off the effects of the rumor if confronted by obvious counter-evidence.


Twisted Pleasure:

Any single attack that does 5 or more points of damage to the Servitor increases their Strength by one for an hour (this can take it higher than 12).

Shared Pain:

For any attack they do with their bodies (without a weapon) they gain hits equal to one-quarter the damage of the attack, rounded down.


Knight of Pain

Feels all pain as pleasure, never suffers shock effects

Captain of Agony

Can sense all pain within [Perception*10] yards and its cause on a Perception roll if within [Perception] yards.

Baron of Suffering

For one Essence they can make any successful physical attack do Mind Hits equal to the Check Digit of the attack.


Allied: Beleth
Associated: Everyone else
Hostile: Andrealphus, Saminga




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